Jefferson A. Sole

The Bible is proven to be authoritative because (1) God is the eternal Creator (Gen. 1:1; John 1:1-3), Sustainer (Acts 17:25), and Ruler of mankind (Acts 17:24); (2) The Bible is the inspired Word of God (2 Tim 3:16); (3) God expects us to follow His Word (Col. 3:17). Understanding that the Bible is authoritative, we recognize that we have an obligation to follow the words contained within its bounds, because we love God (John 14:23-24) and will be judged according to His Word (John 12:48).

Within the realm of obligation are explicit commands to do (or not to do) certain things. Sometimes God tells us how to perform these obligations; other times God allows us to use our own judgment to determine the best way to carry them out. This is what is often referred to as expediency. For instance, the Scripture explicitly commands us to teach and to preach the Gospel (Mark 16:15; 2 Tim. 2:2) but leaves it to our judgment to determine how to expedite the teaching and preaching obligation. For this reason some have chosen to use print, radio, and, more recently, the internet as a means to teach and preach the Gospel.

The elders, directors, faculty, and alumni understand the importance of using the internet as a tool to proclaim the Gospel and to effectively inform others about the West Virginia School of Preaching. For this reason, there has been a collaborative effort to launch the new WVSOP.com.

The new WVSOP.com has an entirely fresh look with several new features. Here are a few new features that are particularly exciting:

1) We offer an online application which will allow an applicant to submit an application electronically. Please tell anyone that is interested in becoming a preacher to visit WVSOP.com and fill out an application today! 

2) Donations may be made online for the benefit of the school through a secure PayPal account. Several of our students such as Ricardo Mesidor and Gavin James are still in need of funds to cover their living expenses, please help them meet their needs. 

3) An individual/congregation may register to begin receiving Publishing Peace for the first time by email or USPS or change the format by which they are currently receiving PP. In fact, we would like to encourage those who are currently receiving PP by way of USPS to consider receiving it by email instead. Each copy that is sent by USPS costs approximately 70¢. This means that each individual receiving our paper by USPS has an opportunity to save us $7.70 per year! If 1,000 of our current USPS subscribers would request to receive PP by email instead, we would save $ 7,700 per. year!

We hope the new WVSOP.com will prove to be an expedient way for you to stay involved with the school and give you the opportunity to inform prospective students what the West Virginia School of Preaching has to offer. If you would like to preach and are interested in knowing more about the WVSOP please check out our website and call us at 304-845-8001/1-888-418-4573, or email us at dirwvsop@aol.com -P.O. Box 785, Moundsville, WV 26041. 

(Editor’s note: Brother Jefferson Sole is the associate director of the West Virginia School of Preaching at Moundsville, WV. We highly recommend the WVSOP and are very happy to publish this article of information. We recently attended the 2011 Victory Lectures at WVSOP and heard excellent lessons. Brother Denver Cooper, the director of the school, announced that 75 men have now graduated from the school since its beginning. Faithful preachers from this school have had and continue to have a strong influence for good in our brotherhood – and especially in the churches of our area. The 2011 WVSOP lectureship book is now available for $15.00 each. You may order them from the school. This year’s lectureship book is dedicated to Glenn and Marjorie Logston. Brother Glenn has been preaching the gospel for 69 years.)

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