Your Smile Makes My Day

Written for Joann Kirby Collins by Kim Phillips Ledsome in 1988

You’re such a special person

A blessing in every way,

At time when I feel down and out

Your smile makes my day.

The smile is only a playground

Where feelings come out to play,

They come from deep within the heart

Yours just makes my day.

The storms of life don’t seem as bad

Somehow they go away,

You help me see the rainbows

Your smile makes my day.

You are so kind and thoughtful

Much more than words can say,

A loving, gentle person

Your smile makes my day.

I know that when God comes again

He will stand proud and say,

My child, you’ve touched a lot of lives

Your smile made their day.

A Great Christian Lady!

Ed Collins

 Joann and I were married January 2004 after each of us lost our first mates. It truly was a marriage made in heaven because it was such a perfect, loving, and sharing union! Joann was such a good wife and “help-meet.” She loved the church, people, visiting, and having friends into our home. She was a very loving, selfless, meek, and humble person. She had a great number of close friends, and her Christ-like example is testimony to her greatness.

 Her passing has left a deep void in my life, but I thank God He let me have her for seven blessed years, and, someday, we will be together again!

 God is so good and I praise Him! 

 Sincerely, Ed Collins.

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