Biology is the study of living things. This study is limited to the origin of life.

Modern Humanism

Biblical Christianity

Origin of Life

All Life Evolves. Two theories:

1. Darwinian Natural Selection,
(i.e. gradual evolution theory.)

2. Punctuated Equilibrium theory.

All life was created by God

All life was designed to reproduce after its kind.


Humanistic biology is founded on naturalism (viz., scientism). Humanists accept only science as means of acquiring knowledge regarding the origin of life.

Christian biology is founded on super-naturalism. Christians accept both science and divine revelation as means of acquiring knowledge regarding the origins of life.

Humanistic evolutionary worldview is inconsistent with development of science, e.g. world is accidental, by random chance, and therefore not verifiable.

Christian creationary worldview is consistent with development of science, e.g. world is orderly, predictable, and therefore verifiable.

Since evolutionary origin of life is not testable by science, then it is illogical for humanists to believe in evolutionary theories. For humanists to believe in evolutionary origins can be only by faith without valid evidence!

Since creation is affirmed by divine revelation, then it is logical for Christians to believe in creation. Christian faith is therefore based on evidence that is valid for Christians!


Enormous amounts of time are required for the theory of evolution. This demands a very old universe, which has not been proven.

A comparatively young earth is consistent with creation. This view is more consistent with scientific evidence.

Fossil Record

The fossil record does not support humanists contention of missing links between species.

The fossil record indicates an explosion of species at the lowest forms of life without ancestors. Fossils support creationism.

Punctuated Equilibrium theory (designed to explain away Darwin’s missing links between species) by rejecting gradual evolution, finds itself without any supporting scientific mechanism.

Creation is proven by...

a. presenting scientific evidence showing that evolutionary claims are false.

b. presenting scientific evidence of design in nature, thus, proving a Designer.

Natural Selection ("Survival of the Fittest")

Thought to be the mechanism by which evolution progresses in an upward way.

Biblical portrait of reality is that all things deteriorate. This is consistent with science!

Spontaneous Generation

Even though spontaneous generation is not scientifically verifiable, humanist have no alternative, since they reject super-naturalism, but to accept the concept of pre-scientific spontaneous generation.

Christians reject spontaneous generation not only because it is scientifically not verifiable, but also because natural and supernatural revelation argue against it.

Beneficial Mutations and Environmental Adaptations

Beneficial mutations and adaptations are also considered evolutionary mechanisms.

There are no proven scientific beneficial mutations or environmental adaptations!


In spite of not one single shred of scientific evidence for any tenet of evolutionism, humanists argue that evolutionism is a scientific fact!

Creation (which requires design) is supported by scientific principles, e.g. Law of Biogenesis, DNA, and Second Law of Thermodynamics.

(© Chart by Robert L. Waggoner, Revised: 04/19/96)