Modern Humanism

Biblical Christianity

Philosophical Foundations

In keeping with naturalism, humanistic sociologists believe that man and social institutions evolve. Man should therefore govern himself and his social institutions.

In keeping with supernaturalism, Christian sociologists believe that God created man and ordained social institutions. Godís will for man and society should therefore be followed.

Individuals and Society

Humanists believe that society is the cause of evil, but that man is basically good. Moreover, humanists think western (Christianized, and traditional) societies are failures.

Christians believe that the nature of a society depends upon choices of individuals within that society. Moreover, Christians think atheistic societies are doomed to failure.

The Family

Family sociological values are...

1. Sexual conduct must be permissive.

2. Roles and responsibilities of men and women must be the same. The appeal to feminism leads to matriarchal societies.

3. Marriage may be of various alternatives, e.g. communal, serial, polygamous, heterosexual, homosexual, etc.

4. Family is composed of people who care for each other with their children. Family authority is subservient to the state.

5. Parenthood is minimized, as raising children is considered an ultimate responsibility of the state.

Family sociological values are...

1. Sexual conduct must be restricted.

2. Roles and responsibilities of men and women must be different. This appeal to masculinity leads to patriarchal societies.

3. Marriage should be monogamous, i.e. one man with one woman for life.

4. Family is composed of husband and wife with their children. Family authority is subservient to God.

5. Parenthood is maximized, as raising children is considered a primary and ultimate responsibility of the family.

The Church

Humanists deny the gospel message of the church, yet desire to capture the church to use it to teach humanistic values.

Christians think that the primary responsibility of the church is to preach the gospel, yet Godís truths in social areas must also be taught.

Humanists believe that church and state should be totally separate, yet insist upon teaching humanism (a religion) in government schools.

Christians believe that church and state should be functionally separate, but ideologically united.

The State

Humanist sociology implies the godhood of the state, to regulate individuals and social institutions. Since sociology is not really scientific, humanists must rely on politics to implant their own sociological values in Christianized cultures. Humanists therefore become activist in statist programs to remove perceived evil in society.

Christian sociology acknowledges Godís authority in the governance of individuals and social institutions. Christians rely on God and his word to change the hearts of individuals in order to produce and maintain Christian social values within the culture. Christian leaders seek governance of social institutions by Christian values.


Humanists favor socialism for building a self-actualized society. The state redistributes citizensí wealth, ideally providing a guaranteed minimum annual wage for everyone.

Christians favor capitalism for building a free society. The family is financially responsible to provide for its own. Voluntary assistance is given to the needy.


The best medium for teaching humanistic sociological values are government schools.

The best mediums for teaching Christian sociological values are families and the church.


The State Dominates
& Society Deteriorates

The Family Dominates
& Society Flourishes

(Copyright © by Robert L. Waggoner, Revised 4/05/1996)