Why Christianity Is Superior!

Modern Humanism


Biblical Christianity

Humanist religion defies man and rejects God


Christian religion exalts God and humbles man.

Naturalism, materialism, rationalism, and scientism are philosophically inconsistent with their epistemology, ontology, and cosmology.


Supernaturalism is philosophically consistent with its epistemology, ontology, and cosmology.

Relative ethical standards from man produce moral and social disorder.


Absolute ethical standard from God produces moral stability & social order.

In spite of not one single shred of scientific evidence for any tenet of evolutionism, humanists still argue that evolution is a "scientific fact!"


Creation is supported by scientific principles, such as, the Law of Biogenesis, DNA, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Monism is incompatible with existence mental functions, such as memory, conscience, free will, etc.


Dualism is compatible with biblical con-cepts that man is a sinner and that mental health results from being right with God.

The misnamed "quality of life" philosophy, biased and based on desirability and productivity, results in a selective pro-choice position which curses humanity.


The "sanctity of life" philosophy, unbiased and based upon inherent worth of each individual, results in an impartial pro-life stance which blesses humanity.

Family, and church are regulated by civil governments in keeping with humanistic values.


Family, church, and state are regulated by Godís word in keeping with Christian values.

Legal positivism causes freedom to perish, families to deteriorate, and nations to crumble.


Natural and Biblical law allows freedom to grow, families to flourish, and nations to thrive.

Political powers of civil governments are unlimited, i.e., the civil government has authority to do anything desire of it.


Political powers of civil governments are limited to administering justice in accordance with Biblical standards..

Public ownership of the means of production and distribution of wealth requires state control, enslaves citizens, and always fails.


Free enterprise system produces wealth and grants economic freedoms.

Compulsory attendance and taxes are essential for government schools to indoctrinate students with humanistic values, which produce educational mediocrity and weak moral character.


Private education is essential for Christian families to indoctrinate their children in Christian values, which produce educational excellence and strong moral character.

Secular culture produces despair and meaninglessness in life


Theistic culture produces purpose and meaning to life.

Evolutionary history is eternal, causeless, without meaning, and generally leads to despair. Its presuppositions force its adherents to deny Biblical realities.


Linear history, from creation to resurrection, fits the reality of God working in the world to redeem fallen man.

Christianity is Superior to Humanism Because
Christianity is Consistent, Constant, Divine, Fruitful, and Scientific.

(Copyright © by Robert L. Waggoner, 05/31/96)