What Christians Can Do

Inform Yourself and Others

         Collect names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. of public officials and other contact persons to whom you may write.

         Learn all you can about moral, political, social, cultural and other issues confronting Christians. Read whatever journals, books, etc. you must in order to learn the facts. Be willing to spend time and money to learn.

         Listen to special radio talk shows. Watch pertinent television programs which deal with issues.

         Join educational and activists organizations whose purposes are both to inform and to participate in the political process, but join those which share your values. You can learn pertinent information on timely issues from groups like Christian Coalition and Eagle Forum.

         Share what you learn, and especially your journals, books, videos and other materials with friends, neighbors and/or church groups.

Mold Public Opinion

         Write letters and telegrams, make phone calls and send faxes to public officials, businesses, editors, etc. Be sure you know what you are talking about. Give good arguments, and back them up with evidence. Address only one issue per letter or call. Make your point short and quick.

         Make speeches in appropriate public forums. Call in to radio talk shows to express the Christian perspective and to show how it is superior to all others. Write articles for publications.

         Learn how to be persuasive in both speaking and writing.

Shape Public Policy

         Vote in every public election, whether local, statewide or national.

         Become a leader in some influential sphere. Get into a position to help shape public policy where it counts - policy making boards and positions of all types - school boards, city councils, county commissioners, state and national legislators, legal and judicial positions, gubernatorial and presidential positions, etc.

         Develop and/or participate in a communication system to inform others and activate contacts when special issues arise and need immediate attention.

         Organize and/or join organizations already formed whose values you share. Larger organizations and networks of organizations have greater political clout.

Demonstrate Christian Values

         Demonstrate godly manners, morals, and values, in both speech and behavior on all occasions with all persons.

         Be compassionate, individually and collectively, toward the poor and oppressed. The grace of God must flow through Christians to voluntarily assist the needy, both physically and spiritually.

         Operate within the law, unless it conflicts with the word of God.