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Worldviews in Conflict

What’s Happening To Our Christian Homes? They’re Being Destroyed By Humanism! That’s What! Our homes are deteriorating on two levels. One relates to husbands and wives. The other is about what’s happening to our children. Indications of what’s happening to husbands and wives may be assessed through studying such things as divorce, adultery, wife beatings, etc. My concern is primarily with our children. pdf file (159K)

The Humanization of American Culture, Education and Law. This country was founded primarily upon theistic values that produced a mostly theistic culture. However, theistic values have been and are now challenged by the values of secular humanism. Theism and humanism are now locked in a great cultural struggle. pdf file (217K)

Do all Public Schools now teach Humanism? Whether theists know it or not, and whether theists like it or not, children of theists are being taught humanism in public schools. This teaching weakens theism in many children, and destroys it in others, especially since theistic parents are unaware that much of what children are learning in public schools is anti-theistic. The result is that homes, churches, and the nation suffer the consequences from humanistic indoctrination in public schools. pdf file (176K)

Will Christians Be Persecuted In America? Religious persecution is something we read about. It is a part of church history. Or it happens in other countries. It is not supposed to happen in America! However, for Christians, religious freedom may be quickly vanishing in America! In the last two decades we’ve seen too many denials of religious freedom to assume that in the future we will have religious freedom as we once had. pdf file (143K)

Humanism vs. Christianity - The Greatest Battle Of Our Times. Our entire western civilization, which was built on Christian principles, has been in moral decline. In our lifetimes, the social fabric of American society appears to have been unraveling. Christian homes have not been immune to this process of social and moral deterioration. While Christianity may have appeared to be strong superficially, it has nonetheless been undermined by insidious philosophical, social, cultural, and political forces. pdf file (135K)

Insights Into Humanism: Humanism is the primary modern philosophical enemy of Christianity. Even so, most Christians know little, if anything about it – what it is, or how it functions. The term “humanism” has been around since the Renaissance, although only recently has the man on the street began to use it. Many who do use the term do not sufficiently understand its ideals and concepts. pdf file (155K)

The Goals of Humanism: Humanism is not coming. It’s already here! It has already done much damage. It has already eaten far into the structures of our society. It kills unborn babies. It hurts youth with drugs. It dirties minds with profanity. It turns children against their parents. It robs families of their wealth. It severely damages and often destroys Christian families. If left alone, humanism will eat its way through the country until eventually it has destroyed all Christian homes and churches. pdf file (157K)

Organized Humanism Produces A Growing Anti-Christian Society. Since humanism has become so extremely influential through its many and varied organizations, Christians should become much better informed, not only about humanism, but also about its many organizations. pdf file (130K)