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Albert E. Farley

SANDYVILLE, WV 25275-9642 ... I like the paper and commend you on the good work you are doing. I get other Christian papers ... but always read the WVC first. Keep up the good work. James Kibble, Rt. 3 Box 34-A.

GALION, OH 44833 I would like a year's subscription to the West Virginia Christian ... I have known your brother Bill for a long time. He meets with the church in Bucyrus. Bucyrus is only about 9 miles from Galion, where I meet. Charles D. Shepperd, 5085 St. Rt. 19.

WESTON, WV 26452 - ... I have received every issue of this fine paper and enjoyed them all. I read it, then pass it on for another to read. There is good information in every issue. We continue to need the sound Bible teaching as it is in this good paper. Roy Pratt, 807 Camden Ave.

EAST POINT, GA 30344 Enclosed is $10.00 to help provide subscriptions to those in need ... I am praying for all at WVC ... For President Bush to win re-election, and for all faithful members of the church to remain strong Christians no matter who wins ... Thanks, again, for your sound teachings ...Please convey to all at WVC what a privilege it is to be able to publish WVC and thus share the gospel with others. Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

CABINS, WV 26855-0133 Just to let you know James H. Bailey, Sr.'s address has changed: Love & Care, Inc., Room 19, PO Box 1512, Parkersburg, WV 26102. They are both as well as can be expected ... He has a birthday coming up Nov. 5. He will be 87. Lonnie & Chris Ison.

(Editor's note: Sister Chris is brother and sister Bailey's daughter. Let's remember these great soldiers of the cross with cards and letters. I know they will appreciate hearing from you.)

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041 - ... I want to thank you for your contribution of the bound volume of the West Virginia Christian. It is greatly appreciated. We are having to try and figure a way to expand our library ... Brother Ed Partain, of the Shinnston congregation, came as a new student a week ago. He is a fine young married man who needs financial assistance in the amount of $1,000.00 a month. If you know of any who are able to help, we would be very grateful ... May God bless you in your work. Denver Cooper, Director, West Virginia School of Preaching, P.O. Box 785.

VALDOSTA, GA 31601 The year has gone by pretty fast. Ronald has had and is still having a very rough time. His ability to eat has improved. He had a procedure done on his throat which has enabled him to swallow a little easier. He is still having problems breathing. He is in a great deal of pain just about every where ... He stays his positive, easy going, wonderful self! Taking care of him is easy. The church here is very helpful. Dr. and Mrs. Holten are always here when we need help. Being among Christians is the only way we could handle our confinement ... Keep up the great work. The paper is very good in getting "The Word" out to people. Betsy

Stephens, 3610 Dennard Dr. Apt C.

SANDYVILLE, WV 25275 Please change my address temporarily ... I enjoy the paper so very much and hate to miss any issues. It is great to have good Christian literature to read. God bless you in your efforts to get this paper out. In the name of Christ, A faithful reader, Carnegie Wagner.

WILLIAMSBURG, VA 23185 - ... We are diligent in our efforts to reach the lost in this community and God is opening up unbelievable opportunities. He has led us to 47 baptisms this year and others seem to be pending. Every year we have 100+ "local" guests in our assemblies and these are only counted the first time they attend. Over the past six years we have had 672 different local folk visit our assemblies. We try our very best to study with each of these folk although such does not always happen. God is blessing our efforts and we feel greatly indebted to him for doing so! ... We need all of the prayer that we can get for the cause of Christ in this area. It is a very difficult area in which to work ... Bill Butterfield, 227 Merrimac Trail.

PIKEVILLE, KY 41501 - ... I am now working full time with the Mikes Branch congregation and will be attending the Bear Valley extension school at the Main St. Church of Christ. I am devoting several weeks per year to the Ukraine Missions of which I have been a part since 1999. I want to respond to the need for articles and information ... Keep up the great work. Jim Orrison, 876 Dry Branch Rd.

GALLIPOLIS, OH 45631 Since my last report, I've preached in the following meetings: Floyd, VA, Crum, WV, and Lane, at Meadow Bridge, WV. The associations were most pleasant with good interest and attendance. My special annual Lord's Day with Laurel Hill, Radford, VA was conducted August 22nd. Twelve congregations from throughout the area were present. We enjoyed preaching, singing and a big dinner on the grounds. Also, I preached at Floyd, VA while in the area. The work at West Union, WV is doing well with two baptized lately. Bro. Terry Varner and I share the work. I shall begin the New Year with a special Lord's Day at South Franklin St., Christiansburg, VA, Jan. 2nd. My first meeting for 2005 is scheduled for April 24-28th with Rosemar Church of Christ, Parkersburg, WV. On Nov 30th I completed 63 years of gospel preaching. This has been a most rewarding life and time has passed all too quickly. God willing I shall continue on. Lewis Mikell, P.O. Box 302.

(Editor's note: We rejoice with our brother Lewis upon his completion of 63 years of faithfully preaching the Word of the gospel, and in his good health! How good it would be for all of us to shower him and sister Mikell with cards and letters.)


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