Opening The Gates of The New Year


Curtis L. E. Graves

We are impressed by time. Schedules that we keep, appointments that we have, even records involving time in the sporting world and other areas are important and impressive to us. Time, however, means nothing to God. (2 Peter 3:8). Time is important to man because he has so little of it. We flee like a shadow and do not return, Job 14:1, 2. We are soon cut off and fly away. Psalm 90:10. We need to "redeem the time" (Ephesians 5:16) by taking notice of the blessings that we have (Psalm 65:11). We should count our blessings. We need to take notice of our church work. What progress did we make last year? What progress are we making this year? We need to lay aside the weights which ensnare us and run with endurance the race that is ahead of us. Lay aside malice, guile, hypocrisies, envying, and evil speaking. 1 Peter 2:1. We need to lay aside lukewarmness, Revelation 3:15, 16; worldliness, James 4:4; and sorrows. Disappointments will come, but they should be used in such a way as to give us wings instead of being weights. In general, we need to lay aside everything that takes our energy away from where it needs to be and from anything that slows our spiritual progress.

Resolutions can be good. If we break them, does that mean that we should quit and give up on them? If we break a glass, do we quit drinking? If we break a plate, do we quit eating? Why, then, give up on a resolution if it gets broken? Resolve to make this a happy year. Resolve to improve yourself and your life for God. Resolve to be more Christ-like. Resolve to read the Bible and to pray every day. Resolve to resist the devil (James 4:7, 8). Resolve to keep the peace (Romans 14:19), and resolve to keep going forward. (Philippians 3:13, 14). -Chesapeake Church of Christ, 1021 Mount Pleasant Rd. Chesapeake, VA 23322-3910.


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