Green Box


Albert E. Farley

We welcome all of our new readers. This issue is being sent to many congregations throughout WV, OH, KY, VA, PA, and MD who are not current subscribers. We pray you will read the articles and show the paper to your elders, teachers, and other members. Please consider subscribing. The rates are listed on page eight.

Articles are being received in remembrance of three gospel preachers who have recently died: Albert Shroades, Kenneth Adams, and Bob Kessinger. We invite our readers to submit articles about these men, giving histories of past works and of personal remembrances and reminiscences. (One page, typed, single spaced.) Submit pictures if you have them. We will try to include these in future issues.

This issue completes eleven full years of publication of WVC. We have been blessed by the support of thousands of readers. We have received excellent articles from many writers. We thank God, from whom all blessing flow, and we give all glory and honor unto Him!

As we prepare for our twelfth year, we ask for your continued prayers and support. Our circulation last month was 2,579 copies. Will you help us to reach our goal of 2,800? Thank you. Albert.


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