From My Community To Yours


Warren F. Kenney

We have lived in Martinsburg for over fifteen years. We find many things about this community to be truly wonderful. Everything is convenient. We have a good hospital and ample supply of capable doctors. For the most part, our community is peaceful and quiet, even though very busy. There are some things that happen here, though, that give one concern.

First, our community is in an uproar just now because of an extreme act of animal cruelty. It seems that a man tied his dog to a railroad track to be killed by a train. His case will soon be turned over to the grand jury for possible indictment. Emotions are running high. The small courtroom was filled to the point of needing more chairs. A candlelight vigil has been held in memory of the dog. Meanwhile, the perpetrator is cooling his heels in jail under a $40,000 cash only bail. He faces one to three years in prison and as much as a $5,000 fine if convicted. We call him an abuser of an animal.

Second, not too many years ago, a man was sent to prison for murdering his niece. Her abused body was found after many days of searching. Other examples of the taking of human life are all too numerous. We will not tolerate such. We will do everything we can to bring the guilty to justice. We call them murderers.

Third, every once in a while a story makes the headlines that tells that some child in our community has been horrifically treated. Again, when that happens, the community gets into an uproar, and rightly so. We simply cannot allow such actions to go on unpunished. We call those who do such things child abusers.

Fourth, more often than imaginable, someone gets into an automobile after drinking alcohol. The next thing you know, he or she has caused the loss of human life and thousands of dollars in property damage. Although, in my view, we are too tolerant of such actions, we still seek some form of justice. We call them drunkards.

Fifth, a man can take an instrument and insert it into the womb of a woman in our community. With that instrument he can destroy human life that is forming therein in a horrible procedure we call abortion. He is a destroyer of the life of the unborn. Many times the woman's life is all but destroyed, emotionally, for as long as she lives. This man lives in a nice house, eats the best of foods, wears nice clothes, and drives a fancy automobile. We call him a doctor.

Solomon was right! The legs of the lame are not equal (Proverbs 26:7). To be sure, I am not in favor of animal cruelty. I am convinced that those who do such things should be punished to the full extent of the law. However, I cannot understand why we do not feel the same outrage when a precious little life is snuffed out in every bit as cruel a way - or worse. May God have mercy.

It also concerns me that souls are going into eternity unprepared to meet God every day in your community and mine. They are facing a fate worse than anything mentioned above. We are doing far less than we could and should to reach these people. We teach too little, pray too little, and give too little. Yet, we dress ourselves up on Sunday and make the weekly trek to worship. Monday through Saturday it is business as usual. We call ourselves Christians. Central Church of Christ, 90 Waverly Court, Martinsburg, WV 25401.


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