Father and Creator


Ray Jackson, Jr.


As I lay me down at night, I stop and think and pray,
About all that you mean to me each and every day.
Your power is so awesome, it stops me in my path.
Your might as a ruler makes all fear your wrath.
You're perfection in itself, the one true King.
You are my Lord; to You only will I sing.
You forgive all my sins, without a second thought.
You love me and hold me, even though you should not.
Your grace overflows me while I'm in your strong arms.
Your comfort consumes me; these petty fears are gone.
I know the peace my true creator gives.
His love is consistent; all my life is his.
Your kind and gentle eyes welcome me with love,
My one true friend, I love you.
I love you and your love,
Father and Creator, I write this poem for you.
It describes how I feel about all the things you do.

"Dear Albert, ... Enclosed is a poem that I thought you might consider for publication in WV Christian. It was written by a young man who is a new Christian in the church at Martinsburg. His name is Ray Jackson, Jr. ... He was baptized two weeks ago (July 2004) ... God bless you in all you do especially with the paper. In Christian love, Anne Bowers" -272 Mason Farm Drive, Kearneysville, WV 25430. dansgen@frontiernet.net



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