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Thy Kingdom Come - The Truth About the Rapture, by David Pharr

David R. Kenney

It is amazing to study false systems of religion that claim biblical support alongside the Bible. It is amazing in the sense that the Bible so soundly defeats error and truly is "...a light to our path." (Psalm 119:105)! A primary example of a false doctrine that twists the Scriptures " their own destruction," (2 Peter 3:16) is premillennialism. It is truly sad that multitudes of people believe in some version of premillennialism. There are several good books written from among our brotherhood that are worthwhile studies on this topic. A new book has been written by David Pharr and is excellent.

The book is perfect for classroom instruction/discussion. It is available in paperback and is approximately 150 pages in length. This book is not a direct treatment of the "Left Behind" series; rather, it is a scriptural refutation of the doctrine the "Left Behind" series clearly advocatespremillennialism. Some thought The Late Great Planet Earth was a work of fiction. Likewise, the "Left Behind" series is categorized as fiction (rightfully so) but is packaged to advocate the doctrine of premillennialism. The popularity of the "Left Behind" series is just one reason for us to be knowledgeable about what the Bible really says on this subject. Thy Kingdom Come is an excellent book to read for either private or group study.

People of Jesus' day were looking for a restoration of the physical kingdom of David's day. Even today, people are still waiting for the restoration of the physical kingdom of the Jews in Palestine to usher in a new period in world history. This is a doctrine of premillennialism. As David Pharr rightfully observes, "The whole scheme of a coming Rapture, Tribulation, or Millenniumas well as theories of different resurrections and judgmentsis rooted in the mistaken concept of an earthly kingdom."

There are widespread efforts to convert multitudes to the false system of premillennialism. As Christians, we should not look to get these false teachers off of our doorsteps, but should send them on their way with some things to think about. Some are criticizing the churches of Christ as alienating the denominations by our actions. My response is that the agent of alienation is the Truth! We have a reputation of preaching and defending the truth. I pray we continue to do so with love!

David Pharr attended Freed-Hardeman College (and was classmate with Alan Highers, Editor of The Spiritual Sword), Rio Grande College, and Southern Christian University. He is a former director of the East Tennessee School of Preaching. He has published the Carolina Messenger for several years and is a frequent writer for The Spiritual Sword. Any article written by brother Pharr is worth reading, and this book is very profitable as well. One of the many highlights I experience at the FHU Bible Lectureship is visiting with David Pharr. I look forward to future visits together. I have heard he plans on devoting more of his time to gospel meetings. This is indeed good news to the brotherhood who are able to secure his talents for a gospel meeting. -29 Flora Dr., Bedford, OH 44146-2011 For previous book reviews, visit

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