Albert Shroades


Eddie Cooper

The greatest thing that can be said of anyone, I believe, is that a Christian loves God, Christ, and the church. Albert was that kind of person. I held several meetings during the years that Albert was at New Freeport, PA., and I just wanted to share this with you.

The times that Albert and I worked together in meetings were really a source of encouragement to me as the "younger" preacher. Albert and June were always very hospitable when I stayed with them for the meeting. June would always go out of her way to make me feel "at home."

Each time I would arrive for a meeting, Albert would have prospects already in mind for us to visit. During the meeting we would visit all the families in the community of New Freeport. Of course, that didn't take very long in that little village. We would usually just walk the distance or, maybe, take the car a little ways, and then walk the rest. He always had a meeting advertisement to hand to them with some literature for them to read about the gospel story. Sharing time with individuals was precious to Albert. When we would leave a home, he would have an optimistic, upbeat attitude about having done his part in trying to reach every soul that he could. Each day of the gospel meeting would be the same, with time spent in trying to reach the lost of the community. That is what it is all about.

My most vivid recollections of Albert were the times we spent discussing the Scriptures. Either before a meal or after a meal or after the sermon that I had preached, he would raise some questions about something said during the day, something studied by him personally, or about something that I had preached that he had always wondered about. Those questions allowed me to think further about what the Word of God was actually teaching. He was a student of God's Word on a daily basis. You could tell that when you were around him. And, he lived it.

I'm so thankful for having been a part of his life. I pray that throughout my life I can be the same kind of influence upon "younger" fellows, just as Albert was a tremendous influence and encouragement for my life. I will miss him. -1227 20th St., Parkersburg, WV 26101.


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