My Roots In West Virginia


Everett Ward

I was born in the 1900's in the West Virginia Mountain State,
I was one of five who helped to make our home and estate.
Times were hard in my early years
Because most people at that time in history were full of fears.
Money was scarce and no jobs to be found,
So most of my friends and people moved out of town.
At the age of 13, I found a job and started to work;
My job was small but important, so I could not shirk.
Then, along came, in 1941, a man which the world knew as Hitler;
And Hitler severed my young roots and caused me to go thither.
After Hitler was defeated and he lost his war and life,
I was free to come back to West Virginia to seek a life and a wife.
My hunt was completed in the 1950's, and I tied the knot;
And started a family not far from Mother and Dad's resting plot.
Now I am old, and I know that my life is slipping away,
But my thoughts of my life in West Virginia still make my heart sway.
People say that West Virginia is Almost Heaven, and I am going to find out - someday.
-1715 East Durst Ave., Greenwood, SC 29649.
(Editor's note: Everett and Betty are dear friends of ours from our days in Weston. They came out of denominationalism and have devoted themselves to serving Jesus Christ and His church. Everett preaches for the church at Greenwood. Their children Steve and Rick and families are nearby. Everett writes of Betty: "... Betty is losing strength and weight. I am going to keep her a part of life as long as I can. Her demeanor is great. She wakes up happy each morning and is able to sing the first verse of "Jesus Loves Me." She does not know any of us but she likes the attention we give her. She likes to go to church and sings some words that her mind recalls. Steve's wife sits with her and takes care of her." Yes, Everett and Betty's roots are in West Virginia, but their hope is in Heaven!)



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