Faithful Servant


Albert E. Farley

Albert O. Shroades was born December 8, 1919, and died October 1, 2004. His funeral services were conducted at the Chester Church of Christ building on October 4, with Roy Pratt and Frank Higginbotham presiding. Albert and his wife, June, were married over 50 years. They had three children: Lester, Emily, and Ellen.

Brother Albert worked with the Salem congregation from June 17, 1968, to May 6, 1977. During these nine years, he and his family accomplished a good and solid work for the Lord's church. From time-to-time, I continue to receive inquiries about Albert and June from nonmember residents of our community who highly regarded them while they were here over 25 years ago!

Albert was respected for his humble dedication, his Bible knowledge, wisdom, and good judgment. He was an honest and dependable Christian gentleman. The members here loved him and his family very much.

While Albert was at Salem, a new preacher's house was built. Albert did much of the work on it. He was a careful worker, and, today, as Nancy and I continue to live in this house, we benefit from the good work that was done then.

During Albert's ministry here, there were 24 baptisms, 26 restorations to the faith, 8 transfers of membership, 6 wedding ceremonies, and 10 funeral services recorded. Also, in December, 1972, the loan on the new church building was paid off.

One of the works of Albert that impressed me greatly was his weekly church bulletin, The Reflector. Albert published a wonderful bulletin in content and in appearance. His articles were thoughtful and well written. With only a typewriter and mimeograph machine and with the use of a stencil stylus, he was able to produce beautifully illustrated bulletins oftentimes in two colors of ink printed on colored paper! Notice the reproduction of his May 10, 1970, Mother's Day issue.

Albert encouraged us in our work with this paper. On October 4, 2001, he wrote, "I appreciate the work you and others do to make this paper a success and provide some interesting and informative articles. May our Lord bless you and co-workers as you continue ..."

I do not know all of the other churches with whom Albert and June worked, but I do know this: when we multiply what they accomplished here with all of these other places, we rejoice in the wonderful contribution they have made for The Great Cause of Jesus Christ during their years of service, and we thank God for them. With Epaphroditus and many other unnamed and, today, unknown, Christian servants of the past, we hold such in reputation. Philippians 2:29. Rt 5 Box 1468, Salem, WV 26426.


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