India Update


Steve Snider

Over the past few weeks several have called or asked me, personally, if I had any information about the effects of the Tsunami on our brethren in India. I have been attempting to keep in touch with our brethren in India and received the following update on January 27th.

Reports are still coming in, but, as of now, we know that at least 10 preachers were killed, close to 150 more of our brethren have been reported as being killed, and more than 100 church buildings were either destroyed or suffered damage. At this point, more than 3,000 requests for help (from our brethren) have been received.

I am planning to make a trip to India mid-March to take funds and help some with the relief efforts. My son, Aaron, and Peter Ray Cole will be accompanying me on this trip. If you would like to contribute to this relief effort, send your help to me at PO Box 753, Barrackville, WV. 26559. Make your checks out to the Church of Christ India Fund.

The relief effort will go on for months and months, but we are hoping to get much needed funds into the hands of those who will be helping, and, then, actually be a part of some of the relief efforts, ourselves, while we are there. Many have helped already, and we are deeply grateful. Keep our brethren in India in your prayers. -Steve Snider.


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