Sin Will Find You Out


Albert O. Shroades

That last memorable meeting in the upper room was charged with tension and feeling. Unknown to the other disciples, Satan had already influenced Judas to betray Jesus. -John 13:1-2.

How poignant the silence and tension as Jesus took the towel and basin to illustrate vividly that every one of them was "too proud." -Vs. 5.

Shocked, must they have been, as Jesus announced that "one of them" had lifted up his heel against Him, and "One of you" shall betray Me. Vs. 18 & 21.

Even after Judas had received the sop (26), and Satan had entered into him (27), and he had gone out into the night alone (30) ... these disciples could not believe that one of their number would do such a deed as to betray Jesus Christ!

Though Jesus kept the secret to Himself for a time, He left a host of clues so they would later recognize that He had known Judas' intentions.

Such motives could not long be concealed, such intentions could not long be hidden from the other disciples and from the whole world!

With his beloved money in the bag, Judas later found strength to plant the "traitor's kiss" and openly reveal his SIN and himself to be, indeed, a Child of the Devil. Matthew 26:48.

Morning came; its light was revealing. Judas began to see sin in its true light. Now it was so ugly, so terrible: "... and when he saw that he was condemned, repented himself, and brought again the thirty pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders, saying, I have sinned ..." Matthew 27:3-4.

"Sin had found him out." He could not live with himself and chose the coward's exit to his place! -Albert O. Shroades, The Reflector, Church of Christ bulletin, Salem, West Virginia, January 23, 1972.


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