Why Should Our Father Bother?


Burt Jones

I wonder if anyone else has had this thought in these fast and loose days? Why should our Father bother? We are being desensitized to almost every form of degenerate and un-Christian behavior. We are being beguiled (Colossians 2:4) in the name of liberalism into accepting that degeneracy is the price we have to pay to draw the world to Christ. What a misapplication of Paul's teachings (1 Corinthians 9:20). The culprit is liberalism within the Lord's church. Now, certainly this in itself is not some startling revelation, but it is what is happening to a Christian brotherhood out of touch with its own mission (Galatians 1:6).

Brethren, giving in to the lowest common denominator is not what being a Christian is all about. Christianity in this New Testament church is not about doing and saying whatever one pleases in the name of bringing souls to the obeisance of the gospel. It is about Christian responsibility, example, and faith. It is about exercising our duty to, and love for, Christ by putting off the depravities that weigh us down in "running with patience the race that is set before us." Brother Roy Deaver has stated so eloquently that he is for all the liberality that the Bible allows but outside of that we have no right to assign our interpretation to biblical license and authority. There is no Christian freedom when there is no respect for divine authority (Galatians 5:1).

The battle cry for those of us in this "all volunteer" army is sadly becoming, not a bloodcurdling scream, but a patronizing, almost indiscernible shake of the head. For liberalism to flourish among otherwise well-intentioned brethren, it must gain acceptance as something else a "vocal" band; a charismatic self-serving youth minister; a new gimmick to bolster attendance during worship. It must masquerade as something more palatable, something that can deflect truth and give notoriety to the false teacher. When the words of those liberal tongues, or some shock show, spew forth error in the guise of a sickening sweet savor, we mustn't dare call it sectarian "slop," but simply a "re-thinking" of old and outmoded ideas. Then you can sell it to impressionable young people and to an uninformed brotherhood, and the people will sing along, and clap, and laugh, and be entertained, and, surely to all that is religious, fill those pews!

There is the argument that to preach against liberal leanings would only make liberalism more popular. This is to gauge the worth of rotten fruit by the number of flies it attracts.

Faithful brethren don't give out, they give in. They come apart, not in a flash but by the inch. During this permissive period in our Lord's church, we are fast approaching a point where anything goes. (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Some may ridicule and laugh at an all too small band of "do-gooders" who persist in working to seek and save the lost. But, in the end, the eternal "joke" may be on them!

Who could blame us if, in a rare moment of mental clarity, we ask ourselves, "Why should our Father bother?" Why? "For God so loved the world that ..." (John 3:16). -P.O. Box 531, Marietta, Ohio 45750.


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