Freeport Church of Christ

Tom Jones & Scott Baker

Greetings from Southeastern Ohio,

The Freeport congregation of the Lord's church is searching for a gospel preacher to come and work with them. We are small in number and desperately need help in spiritual guidance.

We have been here since 1945 with numbers never exceeding 35 to 40 in regular attendance. At the present time we number about 15.

There is a two story brick home less than a block from the meeting place ready for an evangelist and his family. Both of the properties are owned, free and clear, by the congregation.

A salary of modest means will be provided in addition to no rent or house payment.

Please contact Tom Jones at 740-658-3862 daytime, or Scott Baker in the evening, 740-758-5629.

Thank you for any consideration.

Tom Jones and Scott Baker
Church of Christ
c/o C. Ann Milleson
P.O. Box 175
Freeport, OH 43973-0175


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