A Just Cause - A Real Need

Tom E. Butterfield

Dear brothers and sisters:

My good and faithful brother, Jerry Yost, minister for the Duffy, Ohio Church of Christ has had a serious health problem for some months and this finally came to a head when he suffered a heart attack in October of this year. A few months before this, due to his health issues, his health insurance premium inched ever higher and higher, until it came to $2,710.00 per month, and that was with a $3,500.00 deductible! That's not a misprint and so it became necessary for Jerry to drop his coverage. Not long after he had the heart attack, he had open-heart surgery accompanied by four artery bypasses. Because of a few complications, he had to remain in the hospital longer than normal - about ten days. Several special medical teams were brought into his case, and now thankfully, he is well on his way to complete recovery.

This entire experience left Jerry with a hospital bill of about $46,000.00, even after some discounts contributed by the hospital. It is estimated by the professionals that his doctor bills will amount to about $20,000.00 in addition to the hospital balance, leaving the Yost family with a debt of about $66,000.00.

It is the desire of several people to do what can be done to help Jerry over this hurdle. I have been designated to contact some brethren about contributing to this good cause. Jerry is so well-known by faithful Christians throughout the Ohio Valley that I am confident we can help care for this need.

The Thirty-sixth Street Church of Christ in Vienna, WV has volunteered, with Jerry's approval, to be the collection site for the funds generated to help Jerry. If you or your congregation will help out, please send all checks earmarked for "The Jerry Yost Fund" to: Church of Christ, 610 36th St., Vienna, WV, 26105.

The church treasurer, Dan Mincks, will record your contribution and use that money to help retire the hospital and doctor debts. A full accounting will be made available to you as soon as possible. If you have a question regarding this procedure or its status, please call Dan at 1-740-373-7013 or me at 1-304-652-1194. Dan's email address is: danmincks@wirefire.com and mine is tombutterfield@aol.com

Please pray and do what you can - the cause is just and the need is real. Jerry is one of my dearest friends and we've always been there for each other. May God bless you, is my prayer! In Christian love, Tom D. Butterfield. 901 Tyler Hwy, Sistersville, WV 26175. (304) 652 1194.


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