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Albert E. Farley

WEIRTON, WV 26062-5227 Didn't want to cut my WV paper for subscription form. Hope this copy will do. The Script-O-Crypt is on the back of original form. Work and keep all of them and the paper. Yvonne Flaherty, 216 Sycamore St.

WAVERLY, VA 23891 - ... In the last two editions (May, June) of WV Christian you've published some very controversial issues. Abortion and H.I.V. I find it refreshing that these issues may be controversial yet you guys stand strong on faith and don't submit to politically correct awareness. Being politically correct in today's world is just a way to sugarcoat issues for fear of offending others ... Within the small news blast on H.I.V. (AIDS) you said "This plague could have been avoided 20 years ago if homosexuals and drug abusers had ceased their evil activities." Being one of these I.V. drug users (Recovered) I do feel responsible for the spread of disease and viruses such as H.I.V. and Hep. C. Even though I do not have H.I.V. I know many who do. You are absolutely right that it could have been avoided. Just like Mr. Vanhorn states, "We are getting used to the dark." Thanks again on publishing WV Christian every month. I get so much from it. In Christian Love, Mark Henley, 331164, Sussex 1 State Prison, 24414 Mussle White Dr.

WINCHESTER, VA 22601 I sure enjoy the WVa Christian and look forward to each edition. You are doing a terrific job and thank you so much for editing such a fine Christian magazine. I especially like the May 2006 issue with the wonderful article on abortion and Warren Kenney's review of the "Purpose Driven Life." I am looking forward to many more issues ... Judy DeCristofaro, South Side Church of Christ.

HUTTONSVILLE, WV 26273 - ... I enjoy the WVC and was very happy to read the article on OVU's new president and his commitment to keep the college focused on the Biblical side ... The prison ministry is doing pretty well. There have been 2 baptized and, from 1 in attendance when I first came, we have had as many as 59. Several have went home or to other institutions and we are trying to prepare them to search for God and follow Him in their lives. Ron Reeves has given church addresses to some when they go. He does such a wonderful job and has a very good memory of about any verse in the Bible plus he is a good song leader and is able to reach others with a caring personality and love for his fellow man ... -Dennis Burch, 24333, HCC, Box 1.

STUMPTOWN, WV 25267 - ... Things are looking good. We hope to be able to begin construction by the spring of 2007 ... We appreciate your support of this effort. Continue to pray that we will be able to reach many in this area with the Truth of the Gospel. Gene H. Miller, 3466 Rosedale Road.


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