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Abortion Is Murder

Ginny Lallance

She didn't hear her baby's first cry; tiny fingers never clutched her hand. She didn't tie pink bows in the soft curls of her daughter's hair. She didn't look with wonder as her child took his or her first steps or hear him or her say "Momma" for the first time. She did not watch with a mother's pride as her child clutched that college diploma and smiled out an "I love you" as she burst with joy for her child's accomplishments. She didn't watch as her child became a Christian by being baptized into Christ and go on to live a faithful life serving the Lord. None of the joys of motherhood are hers because of a choice she made. She chose to ABORT her child, never knowing if it was a son or daughter, never knowing if it had freckles, button nose, dark hair, chubby cheeks. All of these features were there, but, out of her selfishness, she chose not to see. She didn't care about that living being in her womb. She didn't care that God loved her child even if she did not. She didn't care that by aborting her baby she was committing murder.

In Proverbs chapter 6 we read of seven things that are an abomination to God. Look closely at verse 17: "... hands that shed innocent blood." Every day in abortion clinics and doctors offices across this nation innocent babies are being murdered. ABORTION is MURDER! God forms a baby in a woman's womb and knows that child, Jeremiah 1:5. Did the mother who chose to abort her baby consider her actions when she thought out and planned the murder of her child? She didn't care that Satan was in control that day. Read James 4:7. Did she resist? No, chalk up another victory for the devil! She didn't care that the child the devil helped her murder had been formed by God, Psalm 139:13-14. In other words, they just threw her baby away.

Our late President Ronald Reagan made this comment while Governor of California in 1970, "Who might they be doing away with? Another Lincoln, or Beethoven, or an Edison? Who shall play God?" To throw away an unborn child is to destroy what God has created. Genesis 1:26-27. A boy who might grow up to be a great gospel preacher, an elder, a missionary, or a girl to become the wife of a wonderful Christian man working with him to gather in the harvest of lost souls!

Consider just what was thrown away, murdered! I quote from Foy Smith Talks To Young People (Riverside, CA: Smith Publications, 1975.) "Picture for a moment. Picture little bodies with arms, legs, eyes, but they are all dead. They will not be placed in caskets and buried amidst tears and broken hearts instead they will be placed in plastic bags and either pitched into incinerators or carried out to the city dump. This is abortion! This is what the Supreme Court of our land has given the expectant mother and her doctor the right (legally) to do if they see fit." Legal approval to MURDER! That woman who chose to abort her baby had a choice to make.

Mothers, we must teach our young people about making choices, about the importance of being a Christian, and about living pure lives.

As I end this article let me write a few words spoken by a Christian teenage girl several years ago. It still holds very true to our youth today. "Because our bodies belong to Christ, and He lives within our hearts, in order to be true to Christ we must also be true to ourselves. A helpful hint that I have tried to live by is 'Is this something I would do if Jesus were here with me?' When He lives in you that is exactly where He is." I now say to our young people, reread her statements. Can you say the same? -Rt. 2 Box 177, Belington, WV 26250.


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