My Work Is Done

Lessie Smith

I'm now old and feeble
My work on earth is done
I'll be gone to be with Jesus
At the setting of the sun.
Don't weep for me, my children
For I am now at rest
My faith will no longer
Be put to test.
Through the years I lived for Jesus
There were trials on every hand
But now I live with Jesus
And sing in his angel band.
Up there will be no heartaches
Nor any sad good-byes
I will be gone to be with Jesus
To our home beyond the skies.
So, won't you meet me up yonder?
Life here is but a test
And if we but pass it
We can live with all the blessed.

Editor's note: Sister Lessie Smith is 86 years old and is a member of the Piney View church of Christ, Piney View, WV. Her poem was submitted by Mildred Everson of the Central church of Christ, Martinsburg, WV, where sister Smith's daughter, Kathy Bays, attends.


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