A Mighty Soldier Has Fallen

In Memory of Bert Brown
January 10, 1922 - October 16, 2006

Cheryl Cole (daughter)

Born January 10, 1922, a mighty soldier of the cross left to claim his place by those redeemed saints in the eternal realm on October 16, 2006. During his pilgrimage here on earth, he was an evangelist of the Word of God for over 60 years. He served congregations of the church of Christ throughout the south and worked at the Christian Home and Bible School in Mt. Dora, Florida, as a teacher, social worker, and board member. His passion for teaching others the truth led him to mission points in Jamaica, Russia, and the Ukraine.

His faithful wife of 59 years, Fairy Brown, was the love of his life. With her devoted support, they raised four children, all faithful members of the church of Christ, as well as their spouses. They took pride in their 12 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren, living godly and righteous before them. Bert steadfastly passed the torch of light to all who would take its power of redemption and share it with others.

Bert was a man endowed with ceaseless energy. He believed that "whatsoever thy hand finds to do, do it with all thy might" (Ecclesiastes 9:10). This positive view of life was demonstrated over and over not only in labor of the church, but also in physical labor, which gave him great pleasure. He was gifted at carpentry, woodworking, building, and creating unique gifts, which he enjoyed giving to others.

Bert was a man of great humor. He enjoyed laughter and always had a joke or quip ready for everyone he met. His incredible memory enabled him to remember long passages of scripture, Bible references, and quotes from books or commentaries he astutely read. His cleverness and sharp-wittedness endeared him to anyone who met him. His unconditional love and compassion for others flamed his desire to preach the gospel and win souls for Christ.

The presence of such a great man will be sorely missed, and so we say, "Know ye not that there is a prince, and a great man fallen this day in Israel?"

No longer will he have to envision that eternal rest or read of John's heavenly account through human eyes, for all he longed for and trusted in belongs to him. For, in our Father's house on glorious summit stands a man with jubilant heart who awaits the touch of His Master's hand. He has found victory in Jesus and longs for his loved ones to meet him there. 21209 Wolf Branch Rd., Mt. Dora, FL 32757.


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