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Albert E. Farley

DUCK, WV 25063 We get a bundle of the paper at the church in Gassaway, WV and I look forward to the 1st of every month when they arrive. I enjoy all the good articles sent in by talented ministers of the gospel. May God bless you in your effort to reach the lost by publishing such a truthful and "down to earth" gospel message. Madeline Mollohan, 546 Hallsburg Rd.

LORAIN, OH 44052 Enclosed you will find the money for the books (Probing The Prophets by Phil Grear) you sent me to sell ... I believe this is a great book and I have already used it in my studies. Thank you for printing it. The work here at Lorain is about the same. We have had two or three restorations lately and one baptism two weeks ago. Plans are already being made for our lectureship which will be the last full week in August. Just completed a meeting about a month ago with the LaGrange church. Would like to have a couple more meetings in 2007. Bob Eddy, 4898 Oroszy Ave.

UNION, WV 24983 - ... Parkersburg is my "Old Home Town" and Camden Ave. my home congregation. I was baptized by the late Horace Taylor, back in '41, when the late Clayton Stanley and John Speece were the elders. Tom Butterfield (senior) charged me on Lord's Day morning during worship, to become a full-time minister. Except for illnesses, I have been preaching ever since; without support until I quit A&P Tea Co. in 1956 for full-time work in Utah. What I am saying is that your paper is now the only way I have of really keeping up with what is going on in an area which is very dear to me. May our LORD prosper the influence of your paper. William E. Epler, PO Box 613.

OWINGSVILLE, KY 40460 You are doing a great work with the West Virginia Christian. With so many of our brethren (?) "uniting" with the Christian Church, we need more publications like WVC to teach the true word. Keep it up. -John K. Wills, 1449 W. Highway 36.

CRUM, WV 25669 Pray all are doing well. I am trying to hold my own. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. I will take my third treatment the 13th of December and my thyroid treatment in January. My hand is doing well. We miss Pat so much. She worked so hard to be what she became, but she is at rest. Give our love to all our brothers in Christ. Troy Varney, for the church, PO Box 312.

GALLIPOLIS, OH 45651 Since 2006 is almost gone, want to express my sincere thanks to each of you for the great work that you continue to do in publishing "West Virginia Christian." I'm sure you contribute many hours of work each month in getting the paper ready for publication. You are enjoying an excellent circulation and I'm sure most people read every word. The good articles are doing a lot of good in helping keep individual Christians and congregations faithful and growing. We keep busy I've preached 116 sermons for 2006. 65 years of preaching. God has richly blessed. Looking forward to another good year 2007. May God's blessings continue upon each of you, your family, and all the Salem congregation. -Lewis and Eva Mikell, PO Box 302.

SPRINGFIELD, MO 65809 I appreciate the fine articles in each issue. Keep up the good work. In Christian Love, Glenn Logston, 4067 E. Wilshire Dr.

BLOOMINGROSE, WV 25024-9706 Enclosed is a check for the mailing of the books and postage (WVC Lectureship books). I enjoy so much the reading of the different speakers on the lessons of God's Holy Word! I shall let people in my neighborhood read and pass them on to other neighbors as they return them. Patricia R. Walker, 56 Toneys Branch Rd.

GALLATIN, TN 37066-3917 We really enjoy the W.V. Christian ... We wish you great success and long and continued preaching the Gospel. In Christian Love, John and Alene Chapman (formerly from Huntington, WV), 157 Hale Ave.

FOLLANSBEE, WV 26037 Enclosed you will find a check in the amount of $72.00 to cover a one year subscription for a bundle of ten copies to the West Virginia Christian newspaper ... The articles I have read in the WVC are extremely accurate, insightful and have been very helpful to our family in our service to the Lord. Please keep up your important Godly work. Peter Radakovich, 304 Heather Moor Dr.

EAST POINT, GA 30344 Brother Farley, Enclosed are three $10.00 money orders to help with your good works. I hope & pray that all are well ... -Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

SMYRNA, TN 37167 You continue to publish an excellent spiritually uplifting and informative paper. May the kingdom spread; may the Christians be strengthened; may God be glorified through these editions. Even though the past few months have been traumatic, I continue to have absolute trust in the God of all comfort. My wife, Carol, died in the Lord on October 13, following a long battle against multiple illnesses. I had 3 surgeries performed in October, including heart surgery which necessitated a replacement of the aortic valve. Four weeks after the surgery I appear to be healing well. My activities are limited for several months, but aspire to once again preach God's message in a public setting. Your prayers toward that result are desired ... -Jim Mitchell, 817 Neptune Ct.


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