And God Created ...

The Marsh Leapers

David Everson

As one of the ten plagues that God brought against the Egyptians in order to get the release of the Hebrews, the frogs that invaded the land made their mark in the minds of people in ancient times. In modern times there have, indeed, been some amazing "frog" stories. One sister in Christ told of her experience as a little child in England when she and her family witnessed frogs falling from the sky with the rain. She said it was quite an amazing event and was talked about for many years by the people of the area. As reports came forth after hurricane Isabel, it appears that parts of the state of Connecticut had, what appeared to be frog eggs, falling from the sky. These real events show some of the strange things that happen from time to time with the world that God has created. However, as we look at the frogs, described by the Bible as "marsh leapers," we find some amazing features that show the creative ability of God.

Frogs, from the skin in, are incredibly well designed for existence in a wide variety of areas and in an amazing range of niches. Starting with the skin, God made the frogs with what may be their most amazing feature: skin that they can breath through, drink through, and become invisible in, has served these creatures well. The frogs do not have lungs, only, for breathing, as much of the winter they will be under the water for long periods. During these times, as well as times when they cannot get to the surface to breathe due to predators, they just absorb oxygen through their skin. This is one of the reasons the frogs have a slimy skin; they need to keep it moist as these special cells are alive so it can get oxygen through it. They also do not drink water as all other animals by swallowing it; they absorb it into their skin as they sit in the water. In addition, frogs that do not live in water can get their water from fog, dew, and even wet soil.

Beyond breathing and drinking through their skin, frogs can hide in their skin. The skin of many frogs can change color and has special cells that they can use to match the color of their surroundings. Then they also reflect ultraviolet light in the same amounts as their immediate surroundings. This serves to make them invisible to many of the predators that hunt the frogs for food. Unless the frog moves, it can sit invisible. The skin colors of some frogs are exceptionally bright, and most of these frogs contain some very potent toxins. These bright colors are a signal to predators that they are very poisonous. Men can use this poison to tip arrows and darts for hunting.

Frogs change this very important membrane very often to keep it healthy. Some frogs shed their skin weekly and others as often as every day. Finally, as the frog stretches out of its skin, it will make one more use out of it: as food. It will eat the skin as it is shed; this is why no one ever finds a frog skin!

As Pharaoh and the Egyptian people fought to find relief from the frogs of God, they probably were not much interested in the amazing features of these animals, but today we should marvel at the creative abilities of the God of heaven. Rt. 1 Box 116A, Belington, WV 26250.


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