Something To Really Cry About

J.D. Conley

The quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick, is embroiled in a swirl of bad press. It has been alleged that he has been involved in dog fighting, which is illegal in forty-eight states. If convicted, he will no doubt serve time in prison, and his impressive career in the NFL will be over. As I have followed this story, I have seen and heard a number of commentators who have described the atrocities involved in this heinous "sport?" All I have heard discuss the matter agree that it is a despicable enterprise. Some, it seems, have almost been moved to tears in discussing the sordid affair. It is without question a deplorable practice which needs to be addressed, and all involved punished.

Let me be clear; I like animals. Especially do I like dogs. I have owned several in my lifetime, ranging from mutts to pedigrees. I abhor the mistreatment of animals and will not stand for any animal to be mistreated in my presence. I have zero tolerance for those who are cruel to animals. However, as sad as this whole dog fighting (killing) debacle is, there are some things that are much sadder.

For example, where is the public outcry over the abortion (murder) of the unborn? Who gets on the news and speaks out for the 47 million babies whose lives have been snuffed out since abortion on demand was made legal in 1973? Did you know that more babies are killed each day in America than the total number of people killed in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001? The nauseating numbers work out to be 150 deaths per hour or one baby lost every two and a half minutes! Where are the tear-streaked faces in the Press? Where are the outrage and the demand for justice and correction? These things are woefully absent! The consensus is clear: many in the "Land of the Free" value dogs above babies. If not, the abortionist would be out of business.

Tragically, it is not just the slaughter of the innocents that gives us good reason to cry. While their souls are at home with God, millions are entering into eternity in a lost condition. Several in our town meet death each day unprepared to stand before God. Does the truth over the thousands being hurled, unprepared, into eternity every minute of every day ever moisten our eyes? Jesus shed tears over the lost. Do we?

The truth is, a person will not have to look long for something to cry about in this world of sin. However, the myriads dying every day in a lost and unsaved condition outweigh them all. That is something to really cry about!

"Millions are groping without the gospel, Quickly they'll reach eternity's night; Shall we sit idly as they rush onward? Haste, let us hold up Christ the true light." * -102 Laramie Rd., Marietta, OH 45750.

*These challenging words are from the hymn "Into Our Hands," written by Mrs. Roy Carruth. The music was written by Tillit S. Teddlie and published in 1939.


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