Pete and Mary Straight

Warren F. Kenney

Fare thee well beloved Mary and Pete,

Oh, how we mourn your loss,

The courage we need to bear your deaths;

Is only available at the cross.

There our precious Savior died

Shedding His blood for you and me;

That blood cleansed your souls

So whiter than snow they could be.

Into our Savior’s presence you have gone,

Your gain is our loss;

One day we shall meet again

If we, too, travel the way of the cross.

We’ll miss your presence here

As we dream of what might have been,

But we wouldn’t want to call you back

To this lowland of suffering and sin.

We look forward to seeing you

Upon Heaven’s golden street;

For now we live in gratitude

For a wonderful Christian Couple

We knew as Mary and Pete.

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