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Conversions in Acts, Basil Overton

David R. Kenney

I was honored to participate in a gospel meeting preaching on the theme of "What Must I Do To Be Saved?Lessons in Conversion from the Book of Acts" on the topic of the conversion of the treasurer of Ethiopia. The first book I pulled from my shelf in preparation for this sermon was Conversions in Acts. The book is very concise at just over 100 pages, but the lessons are weightier when compared to some other books of much longer length.

Some oppose offering the Lord's invitation at the conclusion of a sermon. I had a discussion with a friend of this persuasion. As we discussed this, I learned that the resistance was not to inviting a response to the gospel but the review of the gospel plan of salvation that was the issue. Inviting people to obey the gospel without telling them what to do is like telling them to take medicine without directions. In my opinion, any preacher who refuses to explain the gospel plan of salvation at the end of a lesson is in "dereliction of duty." Likewise, church leaders who would forbid the proclamation of the plan of salvation should be rebuked. I cannot fathom why some attack the instruction on the steps needed to obey the gospel, other than being ashamed of the gospel.

Conversions in Acts examines several incidents of conversions in Acts. Of course, not all of the six steps to salvation are necessarily listed as hear, believe, repent, confess, be baptized and live faithfully. However, one can readily see this pattern throughout these acts of conversion. Why is it important to study these acts of conversions? The only way to become what they became is to do what they did! We cannot become New Testament Christians unless we follow the commands, examples, and implications in the New Testament. This book also contains chapters dealing with miracles, Holy Spirit baptism, and the gift of the Holy Spirit. All are well written and readily adaptable to sermons that should be preached.

Brother Overton is the founder and was the sole editor of The World Evangelist from 1972 until 2004over 32 years of articles designed to take the gospel to the world. His work as editor has had a very positive influence among the brotherhood. He is also retired Vice President and Bible Professor from Heritage Christian University (formerly International Bible College). He has been a gospel preacher since 1945.

Indeed one of the greatest questions, "What must I do to be saved?" is one to be studied and preached. This book will assist in teaching and preparing others to share the gospel plan of salvation. -29 Flora Drive, Bedford, OH 44146-2011. For previous book reviews, visit


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