For Ladies

Girls, Listen Up

Ginny Lallance

Indecent, shameless, bold, brazen, obscene, immoral, vulgar, immodest, ... disgusting. These are words found in the dictionary, but you do not have to look up their meanings to learn what they all have in common. That word is sin! I once read, "Sin in our lives is like pollution in a stream. Even a small amount is deadly." How true that is. A small amount is what this article will focus on - the small amount of fabric that attempts to pass as clothing on our young girls and even little girls today!

The stores and malls are filled with rack after rack of what the world labels sexy, hot, trendy, and must haves, to adorn the young female body. The devil is having a "high old time" watching how fast these items find their way into the shopping bags across America. No matter that our young girls are parading themselves for all to see, advertising their bodies like prostitutes walking the streets. These girls fill the campuses of schools and colleges throughout the nation and see nothing wrong with their scanty attire. This evilness wrapped up in "pretty packaging" is even making its way into the elementary age bracket, making little girls desire to imitate those way beyond their young age. The short skimpy pieces of fabric do little to cover a growing girl's body!

First Peter, chapter five, verse eight, tells us the devil is out there seeking those he can devour. Many times, he has an advocate in the form of Mom. How she clothes herself speaks volumes to her daughter(s) and those about her. She has thrown modesty out the window. Her scanty items of apparel will ruin lives hers, by rebelling against what is decent; the males who lust after her; and, finally, her children who are ashamed of the way she dresses. For sure, Satan has evil on his side.

In addition, because of what seems to be passing for clothing these days, we are seeing females expose their bodies even in our worship services. They certainly are not there to worship God! They are not paying reverent honor and homage to Him. Instead, they make the faithful worshiper blush to see such sinfulness.

Therefore, as I close this article I implore mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends to take time to counsel our girls. Counsel them about temptation and all that it entails. When they are tempted because "my friends are dressing that way," or "that is all the shops offer," or a zillion other reasons, take them not to the mall but to God's Word. Teach them a new word and its meaning: Virtue, "Conformity of one's life and conduct to moral and ethical principles; moral excellence, a good or admirable quality." Our youth are tempted on all sides. When they yield to Satan and his worldly life style therein is the problem. When one fills his or her life with God, there is no room for the devil to enter. Read about Christ's conversation with Satan in Matthew 4:1-11. Reread verse ten.

Girls, be like Ruth as she is mentioned in Ruth 3:11b, "for all the city of my people know that thou art a virtuous woman."

Girls, be an example to others by standing up for decency!

Mothers, my prayer is that Proverbs 31:28 will be said of you. When it is, then you have assurance that girls have listened! -Rt. 2 Box 177, Belington, WV 26250.


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