J.C. Choate Crosses The Threshold

Louis Rushmore

Friday, February 1, 2008, our beloved brother J.C. Choate crossed the threshold between the here and the now versus the there and the forever. Familiarity with the life and the lifelong labor of brother Choate provides insight respecting his eternal destiny. Consequently, his funeral and subsequent interment were reminiscent of a victory celebration rather than merely a commemoration of grief by those he left behind.

Numerous preachers officiated J.C.'s funeral at 2:00 P.M. on Tuesday, February 5, including Wayne Barrier, Gordon Hogan, Dennis Larson, Colin McKee, and L.D. Willis, each of whom spoke a few words. Gene Gibson and Byron Nichols led congregational singing. Jeremy Barrier, Joey Barrier, Jerry Bates, Louis Rushmore, Will White, and Charles Brymer served as pallbearers. Loy Mitchell concluded the memorial services at the graveside.

Over the last 45 years, J.C. Choate (along with others) built up one of the oldest contemporary and one of the most effective programs of foreign evangelism in the Lord's church, comprised of 36 radio and 8 TV programs abroad, 9 overseas Bible schools, an international Gospel magazine, an internet Gospel magazine and campaigns abroad. Further, massive distribution of literature blankets Asia and Africa.

J.C. planned ahead; the program of foreign evangelism he established is bigger than the man, as well as more durable. Last year, he invited two couples to become team members in Winona, MS to help perpetuate the program of world evangelism when illness would take him from us. Jerry and Paula Bates, with Louis and Bonnie Rushmore, attend to the daily responsibilities in Winona respecting the various publications and worldwide correspondence, and they make two six-week (or so) teaching trips to various Asian countries.

For more information, or to schedule a media presentation, call 662.283.1192 or email choate@worldevangelism.org. We solicit your prayers, moral support, and financial help to perpetuate J.C. Choate's lifelong investment in world evangelism, which has a proven track record of bringing souls to Christ. 705 Devine St., Winona, MS 38967.


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