An Announcement … Someday: A New CD

Andy Robison

West Virginia Christian Youth Camp announced the production of a new CD, titled after the popular camp song, Someday. Please allow a brief explanation. 

This is the fifth production in eight years of good a cappella singing to benefit WVCYC. Singers from across West Virginia, and even some from Ohio and Virginia, travel great distances to practice once a month for seven months of the year. Then, they record once a year at the Sounds Incredible Studio in New Martinsville, with recording time donated by the generous Yost family there. These sacrifices are made because these people love to sing and/or love WVCYC. Every two years, a product of 19-21 songs (the last four have been CDs) is released. Those who are involved hope, primarily, these CDs will be an encouragement to many. 

There are many listening opportunities in today’s multi-media world. It is often a challenge to find good, uplifting, sound, a cappella Christian music. It is hoped that this work contributes to fulfilling that need. The CDs are distributed to those who want them. We ask a $15 donation for the CD. To date, these projects have raised much-needed funds for WVCYC, in the amount of approximately $30,000. This is used for the upkeep of the campgrounds outside Pennsboro, WV, and for providing Christian training to young people during the summer. 

This latest production, as before, has a mixture of old hymn classics, newer songs often sung at camp, and originals. Old hymns include “My Hope Is Built on Nothing Less,” “Have Thine Own Way,” “There’s Not A Friend,” “Low in the Grave He Lay,” “When My Love to Christ Grows Weak,” and “Soldiers of Christ, Arise!” Devotional-type songs include “You Are the Song That I Sing,” “Rejoice in the Lord Always,” “Holy Ground,” “I Love You, Lord,” “Someday,” and “A Common Love.” A short tune by Matthew Bainbridge, “Carry Me Through,” is among the originals. Also, Steve Smithbauer, Gospel preacher in Weirton, WV, has an original composition entitled, “Soar Like Eagles.” Peter Ray Cole, preacher at the Washington St. church in Fairview, WV, has an upbeat teaching song, “Working My Salvation Out.” Mike Yost, of Duffy, Ohio, contributed a song about the beauty of God’s creation, “Nature’s Voice.” Two songs by Andy Robison are on the CD: “Born Again,” a work about the blessings one receives in baptism, and “May My Life Be Holy,” a reminder to respect God’s plan for various roles, and to live holy lives. Andy collaborated with his son, Andrew, on “Give Ear, O Heavens,” a setting of Moses’ words in Deuteronomy 32:1, 3, 4. 

Many congregations in the area have some CDs available with certain people connected with the camp. If you would like some to distribute at your home congregation, or one for yourself, please contact Andy Robison, 327 Suzanne St., Washington, WV 26181. Phone: 304-863-8807; E-mail:

(Editor’s note: West Virginia Christian Youth Camp and our paper, West Virginia Christian, are not connected financially, organizationally, or corporately. However, we are united in the fellowship of building up and edifying the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage all of our readers to support this good work by contacting brother Andy Robison today.)

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