Around The State

Albert E. Farley

FAIRVIEW, WV 26570 – The Pumpkin Center church of Christ will have a Gospel Meeting September 14-19 with Michael Foresha. Pumpkin Center is located on Route 218, north of Fairview. For more information, contact Mark Jones, 304 449-1168. –18 Darrah Lane.

ELLENBORO, WV 26346-9510 – Thank you for a wonderful paper. My Mom is in the Arbors at Marietta and shares her paper. The two churches of Harmer Hill & 6th & Washington are so faithful to come each week. It really helps to know of the faithful there. Keep up the great work. Dixie Carbery Harper, RR 1 Box 150.

SARDIS, OH 43946 – Please send 2 yrs subscription to … Thanks for moving the puzzle to another page. –Twila M Hall, Box 155. (Editor’s note: Many of our readers enjoy Nancy’s Script-O-Crypt each month. Until recently, it has always been placed on page eight. However, postal regulations have required us to use tabs to seal each individual subscription piece and these tabs have made it more difficult to write in the Script-O-Crypt. We have redesigned page eight and have moved the puzzle to the inside of the paper. We are using transparent paper wafers that, hopefully, enable the printed words to be read through them. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing our readers.)

HARRISONBURG, VA 22801-3227 – We are enclosing $20.00 for two subscriptions … for fellow Christians and friends … Tell Nancy she has given us one of the most difficult “Script-O-Crypt’s” in the August issue we have encountered. We look forward to this with every issue. –Elwood and Madge Fisher, 330 Paul St.

PARKERSBURG, WV 26101 – The 22nd Annual Bible Bowl will be hosted by the Camden Ave. church of Christ September 13. The questions will center on the book of Joshua, the New King James Version. Gary Herridge is the director. – 2900 Camden Ave.

MAPLEWOOD, MN 55709 – Thank you for your work for the West Virginia Christian. I am renewing my subscription … -Terry Dieringer, 2443 E. Larpenteur Ave., #102.

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041 – The West Virginia School of Preaching, under the oversight of the elders of the Hillview Terrace church of Christ will host their annual Lectureship October 26-30. For more information contact the director of the school, Denver E. Cooper, PO Box 785. 888.418.4573.

SALEM, WV 26426 – We would like to announce our Fall Gospel Meeting, October 19-23, with Don Cooper, preaching. We are planning our “Bible Booth” at the Salem Apple Butter Festival October 2-5. We are looking forward to the WVC Lectures at Martinsburg October 5-9. The Salem and Ten Mile congregations recently hosted the annual Friday night SING on the campus of Salem International University, with 51 songs conducted by 26 song leaders. 141 people from 26 congregations and the community attended. My wife, Nancy, and I have recently marked the completion of 26 years of labor with the Salem congregation. –Editor.

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