Green Box

Albert E. Farley

 My wife Nancy and I recently traveled to Texas for a short visit with our daughter Becky and her family. We had not seen them since last summer. The Lord gave us a wonderful visit, though the week passed too quickly. As we traveled through the airports of Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Dallas, and Midland, I saw more people than I had seen in years. One of my friends once told me that more people lived in Atlanta than in the entire state of West Virginia! I was surprised, but it is true. As we flew over the South and the Southwest, I looked down upon a broad and wide country with cities full of people. As I thought of these people, I was almost overwhelmed by the thought that only a very few of these had ever heard the gospel truth in its pure and simple form and fewer still had ever obeyed it. Romans 6:17, 18.

 This experience has reinforced the truth in my mind that we need to be more urgent in our Father’s business of preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ before it is too late! John 9:4. According to the International Programs Center, U.S. Census Bureau, the total population of the World, projected to 03/28/09 at 02:02 GMT (EST+5) was 6,769,483,610 souls! 

 The whole world lies in wickedness. This present world is evil, and the gospel is its only hope. Romans 1:16,17. We need to support – with our prayers and with our money – every faithful effort to save the lost. We must support the International Gospel Hour, In Search of the Lord’s Way, Truth for the World, the Gospel Broadcasting Network, House-to-House, faithful schools of preaching, and others. Yet, we know that the world can only be saved one-soul-at-a-time. You and I – individually and congregationally – must be more evangelistic! Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 16:15,16; James 5:20.

 We renew our determination with this paper to do good unto all men, especially unto them of the household of faith! If you believe this work has any value, we invite you to join with us – through prayers and through personal, congregational, and gift subscriptions, to increase our readership. Our circulation last month was 2,661 copies. Thank you. –Albert.

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