2009 WVSOP Lectureship

The Perfect Christ

Denver E. Cooper

 The 2009 West Virginia School of Preaching Lectureship, “The Treatise to the Hebrews: The Perfect Christ,” is now history. Our lectureship on the book of Hebrews, October 25-29, was well attended. Keynote speakers were brother Martel Pace, an instructor at Faulkner University and author of a commentary on the book of Hebrews, along with brother Eddie Cloer from Harding University. Many other fine speakers from Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky presented great lessons based on many passages from the book of Hebrews. We were blessed with the attendance of more than 60 congregations during the week, including a good number of former students.

 On Tuesday evening, our tradition is to honor faithful elders of a congregation and to dedicate our book to a preacher and his wife who have experienced a long tenure with the church. Elders Robert McMahan and his wife Joyce, Jim Hadley and his wife Marilyn, Jim Beagle and his wife Shirley, elders of the Chester, WV church were honored this year. The 2009 lectureship book was dedicated to Frank and Rose Higginbotham for the fruitful work of 45 years with the same church. Frank’s passion for preaching “the unsearchable riches of Christ” is seen in his busy schedule, including many gospel meetings, preaching daily on a 15-minute program on the radio, along with his regular work. Frank is a great friend of faithful preachers. He and Rose have supported West Virginia School of Preaching since its beginning in 1994. A dinner was provided in honor of all of these men and their wives with nearly 200 attending.

 Our plan for the 2010 lectures is to present the Acts of the Apostles. We hope you will mark your calendar for October 24-28 and be with us for another feast of good lessons.

 Financial assistance for our students is always appreciated. Two of the men are married, one with 3 children. Both have left good jobs to train to become preachers. For more information about the school or to receive a catalog, you may reach us at P.O. Box 785, Moundsville, WV 26041 or telephone us at 304-845-8001. We shall be pleased to hear from you.

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