Green Box

Albert E. Farley

 We welcome the article above, written by brother Terry Jones, reporting on the 2009 West Virginia Christian Lectureship conducted by the Pennsboro church of Christ, September 13-16. The lectureship was under the oversight of the Pennsboro elders; Terry was the director. The Pennsboro lectureship book was very well printed and distributed; their CDs are well produced and useful. They are scheduled, if the Lord wills, to host the lectures again in 2011.

 If your congregation is interested in discussing the possibility of hosting the WVC Lectureship – either in 2010 or in another future year – feel free to call or write to me soon. 

 Volume 16 of our paper, representing 16 years of continuous publication, is completed with this issue. God has been very gracious to this work from its very beginning in 1993, and we are thankful. In addition to the 193 monthly issues of the paper, God has blessed our efforts with ten annual lectureships, overseen and conducted by five different congregations (Mannington, Martinsburg, Pennsboro, Pumpkin Center, and Seth) which have produced 10 lectureship books. We thank God and give Him all of our praise and glory through Jesus Christ our Lord!

 We are indebted to our many faithful writers who have established and maintained the scriptural foundation of WVC with the many spiritual articles that have been published through the years. We are equally indebted to the thousands of our readers who have faithfully ordered an ever increasing number of individual and congregational subscriptions. Our circulation last month was 2,847. Thank you all. –Albert.


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