2009 WVC Lectureship Report 

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Terry G. Jones

After many months of planning, organizing, advertising, inviting, preparing, and praying, the Tenth Annual West Virginia Christian Lectureship has now come and gone. As was the case with the nine previous, this lectureship was a wonderful success.

Both daytime and evening sessions were well attended. Folks from all over West Virginia, along with many who traveled from several surrounding states, came to enjoy the lectures. The fellowship was sweet, the singing was superb, and the preaching was sensational.

A lecture program is going to be only as good as its speakers. Fourteen different speakers delivered twenty-five lectures over the course of four days. The theme addressed was Just A Closer Walk With Thee. Each speaker went above and beyond that which was expected. As a result of their efforts, Christians were challenged to develop a better relationship with the Lord, and non-Christians were taught how to begin one. The speakers previously submitted manuscripts of their lectures, which were assembled and printed in a paperback book, which was given to those attending the lectures. That volume will provide a lasting historical record of this spiritual feast. The lectureship book is available to be downloaded from the web site at www.westvirginiachristian.org

This was the fourth time that the Pennsboro church of Christ has been privileged to serve as host of the West Virginia Christian Lectureship. Lord willing, we plan to host it again in 2011.

The lectureship provides many wonderful blessings for the hosting church. For example, it is a very exciting work. Following months of planning and preparation, as the time nears, there is the anticipation that something great is about to happen.

A second blessing is the many opportunities to serve that are provided. So many folks in the church have a difficulty finding a place to serve. Many are willing to work but do not know what to do. The lectureship provides a wide variety of work to fit every level of ability. Nearly everyone can fold a brochure or stuff an envelope. Others would rather register guests, park cars, or prepare food. As the old hymn says, “There is work that we all can do.”

Thirdly, the lectureship offers a great opportunity to evangelize. We advertise heavily in all of the local newspapers so that folks will know that something big is happening at the church of Christ. We placed an advertisement on the back of the House To House / Heart To Heart publication and mailed it into every home in the county. Then, we canvassed the neighborhood, leaving a flyer at every house. This lays a great foundation that enables our members to more easily invite their friends, neighbors, and co-workers to attend. It is a great way to evangelize.

Fourthly, the hosting congregation experiences tremendous spiritual growth. When brethren labor together in the Lord’s work, it strengthens brotherly love. Hearing God’s Word powerfully proclaimed by great gospel preachers leads to stronger churches.

Finally, there is a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that a congregation enjoys when a goal is set, and then ultimately achieved. There is a delight that is experienced in believing that you have been a part of something that has been a blessing to the local effort and throughout the brotherhood as well.

The West Virginia Christian Lectureship has now completed a decade of existence. As of this writing, no church is scheduled to host the lectures in 2010. Perhaps the church of which you are a member would benefit by doing so. If so, encourage the leaders to contact the editor of this paper to discuss that possibility. A good church is needed to begin the second decade of this great lectureship. – P.O. Box 644, Pennsboro, WV 26415. terrygjones@verizon.net

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