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Albert E. Farley

LORAIN, OH 44052 – Brother Bob Eddy has announced that the dates for the 11th Annual North Central Ohio Bible Lectureship at Lorain will be August 25-28, 2009. The church building is located at 5075 Toledo Rd. Please put this on your calendar and attend this good lectureship. For more information, contact Bob at 1-440-233-5489. –4898 Oroszy Ave.

PAULDING, OH 45879-9274 – A good friend and faithful gospel preacher is looking for a Dickson New Analytical Study Bible. These Bibles have been out of print for some time and those available over the Internet are extremely expensive. I know others would be interested in finding one as well. We are wondering if some may be willing to part with one they are no longer using. Or ask around your local congregation to see if anyone may have one they are willing to part with that will be put to good use. If you can help with this please contact me and we will see if we can work something out. –Tim Dooley, 355 Klingler Rd. (419) 399-4761

SISTERSVILLE, WV 26175 – The Pursley church of Christ is having an unprecedented period of growth and prosperity. Three years ago when Nina and I moved to this community and took occupancy of our newly built house, the congregation had a dozen or less in Sunday services. Currently we are averaging between 65-80 with 94 present in morning worship just a few Sundays ago. We have had nearly 30 baptisms so far with a number of others pending. During 2008, we completed our new building addition, which has proven to be a tremendous blessing to our efforts. Our new multi-purpose room will seat about 100 people, and we also have new restrooms and nursery. Additional seating was needed in our worship area and we have increased our seating by nearly 50. We have lots of children and young families and they are working together to create a fine youth group, which is alive and growing constantly. We invite interested people from our area of Tyler County to come and worship with us. As our motto suggests, the Pursley church is a “place of new beginnings for all who come.” Please keep this great and growing work in your prayers. –Tom Butterfield, 901 Tyler Hwy.

DUCK, WV 25063 – Enclosed is $48.00 for a subscription for the following six people. I look forward to receiving the paper each month, and it is such an inspiration to me that I pray that it will be to them also. May God bless you richly in your efforts to reach people by teaching His Word. Sincerely, Madeline Mallohan, 546 Hallsburg Rd.


Progress Report

By Gene Miller

August 2006 – Broke ground, poured footers, began laying block.

October 2006 – Finished laying the block for the foundation.

May 21, 2007 – Began laying sub-floor and erecting the walls.

June 8, 2008 – Began meeting in the Fellowship Room.

September 7, 2008 – Met for the first time in our new auditorium.

September 15, 2008 – First funeral in new building. Accommodated 100+. Dinner for the family afterward.

September 26, 2008 – Our first Friday Night Sing. 68 present. 15 song leaders.

Dreams do come true, thanks to your generous support. We are still amazed by the generosity of our brotherhood. We have received financial support from 26 congregations, 11 couples, 7 individuals … It’s just been overwhelming, and we thank you so much. We were just over two years in building, from the time we broke ground in August 5, 2006, till we began meeting in the auditorium in September 7, 2008. We did most of the work ourselves in order to save on labor … Because of your generous support, we had to borrow only $20,000, and at the rate things are going at the present, that should be paid off by May or June of next year so our building will be debt-free. Without your help, that would not have been possible. We haven’t had time to plan a dedication service, but the way things look now, it will probably be next spring or early summer … - 3466 Rosedale Road, Normantown, WV 25267. 

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