Prayers For Kaylee

Tanya Lanning

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

  A short while ago prayers went out on behalf of Kaylee Grace Lanning, 4-year-old daughter of Jeremy and Tanya (Tucker) Lanning and granddaughter of Tommy and Karen Tucker of the Church of Christ in Bridgeport, WV. In August of 2008, Kaylee was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation stage I, a very rare and serious malformation on the brain.

Her condition went unnoticed, until December of 2007 when she was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Kaylee would quit breathing 94 times an hour for a portion of her sleep. Following her diagnosis she underwent her first surgery (tonsils and adenoids) in hopes that this would take care of her problem. However, shortly after, it was determined by an MRI that Kaylee had Chiari.

Surgery was inevitable. The malformation was blocking spinal fluid from flowing properly which was causing her episodes of apnea. Kaylee would have to have a "decompression" done to correct her condition. A decompression consisted of removing a cervical vertebrae, shaving away brain tissue and cutting away parts of her skull.

The first two attempts for surgery were cancelled. On the third attempt, a main artery in Kaylee’s neck was punctured, deeming it unsafe to continue her surgery. On the fourth try Kaylee was in surgery for 6 ½ hours, and it was a complete success. The surgeon took out a cervical vertebrae, cut away parts of her skull, and stitched a hole in the dura (layer of the brain). Kaylee has been at home recovering wonderfully and has resumed most of her activities—even making her much anticipated visit to mamaw and pap’s.

Kaylee’s strength goes far beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. At one point, as she was being prepped for surgery, Kaylee was very anxious and upset. To comfort her I asked if I could sing her a song. She asked me to sing, “Heaven is a Wonderful Place.” It took all the strength I had to fight back the tears and sing that song to her. GOD protected her with his almighty hand and took care of her! Praise GOD!!!

Jeremy and I would like to thank the many congregations who prayed, sent cards, stickers and money on Kaylee’s behalf. Every time I talked to my mom and dad they would tell me the name of another congregation who was praying for her. The support we received from all of these loving congregations was incredible! Because of you the fear we possessed turned to strength and the doubt turned to faith. What a blessing to see GOD’s hands at work.

We would also like to thank all of those who were there to support my family in WV. It is hard being away from them especially in times like these. It was also difficult for my mother who would talk me through my tears each time I called. Finally, we would also like to thank our family who made multiple trips up here on Kaylee’s behalf and to be a support to Jeremy and me. We are definitely a part of the BEST family—GOD’s family!

“The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.” James 5:16

With Thanks and Loving-kindness, 

Jeremy, Tanya, and Miss Kaylee Grace Lanning

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