Sound Tracts

Sound Doctrine in Sermon and Song

Andy Robison

The Hopewell church of Christ is grateful for this opportunity to introduce this new work. Sound Tracts is to be a series of songs and sermons on CD that present different messages from the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Printed tracts have long been used as an evangelistic tool to interest friends and neighbors in further study. These methods are still effective for many people. Might there be some, we have wondered, who would be more inclined to listen to some teaching rather than read, perhaps while driving or relaxing at home? Further, might the inclusion of the singing along with a sermon help to “teach and admonish” (cf. Col. 3:16)? 

The design of Sound Tracts is to take an original song, written with a specific doctrinal issue in mind, and begin the CD with its presentation in recorded form. Following its singing, a sermon on the points mentioned in the song follows. Then, the song is presented again at the end. It is to be hoped that the mnemonic device of song might engrain the points in a listener’s memory. 

Thus far, two Sound Tracts are available. Born Again is a song and lesson on the necessity of baptism for salvation. Each phrase of the song highlights a different aspect of understanding this Biblical command. Song and sermon together last thirty-five minutes. Who Will Stand is a three-part CD, totaling sixty-eight minutes. The first song and accompanying lesson is titled God Reigns Over the Nations. The second is Bow Down Your Ear. The third is a choral work, Who Will Stand for America? Together, the message is aimed at finding Biblical guidance for the Christian in the midst of a nation of declining morality and mounting societal difficulties. 

The Hopewell church offers these tracts presently for free, simply at request. These works, to be sure, are not imagined to be an end-all to evangelistic needs. Rather, they are offered as simply another tool—one among the many good ones the brotherhood presently enjoys—in case its format might be helpful to some. For more information, or to order, please write, call, or e-mail: Andy Robison, Hopewell church of Christ, 6985 Harris Highway, Washington, WV 26181. 304-863-6127

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