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Albert E. Farley

CHARLESTON, WV 25311 – Please renew my subscription for another year. Hope the lectureship is “great.” Pennsboro congregation has always been close to my heart as so many of my family are still there. Hope to see you there. In Christian love, Arlene & Bob Snyder, 1941 Bona Vista Dr.

MOUNDSVILLE, WV 26041 – The West Virginia School of Preaching will host its 15th Annual Victory Lectures October 25-29. Their theme will be The Treatise to the Hebrews: The Perfect Christ. The lectures are scheduled to begin on Sunday and continue through Thursday evening. Many qualified and able speakers are scheduled: Martel Pace, Mark Mason, W. Terry Varner, Don Schuler, Charles C. Pugh, III, Greg Tidwell, Terry Jones, Glenn Hawkins, Charles Aebi, Joe Galloway, Bruce Daugherty, Eddie Cloer, Wirt Cook, Steve Higginbotham, Dan Kessinger, Mark Tabata, Eddie Cooper, Denver E. Cooper, Steve Stevens, Brent Gallagher, Emanuel Daugherty, J.D. Conley, D. Gene West, Andrew Robison, and Frank Higginbotham.

BARBERTON, OH 44203 – Here is $10.00 for renewal of my subscription to the West Virginia Christian. Keep up the good work of speaking God’s Word. May God bless you … -Raymond E. Murdock, 1173 Oak Ave.

TIMBERVILLE, VA 22853-0402 – The Lord’s church at 16004 Lone Pine Dr. will host a one-day seminar with the theme, “The Christian’s Responsibility: to God, to Husbands, to Wives, to Congregation, to Children, and to the Community” on Saturday, October 17, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Men’s and Women’s classes, Jim & Linda Farley will be the speakers. Email: web:

SALEM, WV 26426 – We will be operating our Bible Booth at the Salem Apple Butter Festival, October 1-4. We pray many will stop by for Bible Courses, New Testaments, Bible games, CD’s, and cold water. In addition, our Fall Gospel Meeting with Michael Phillips, of the Belington church of Christ, will be conducted October 11-16. Please come and be our guests for a week of Bible preaching, singing, and fellowship. Our building is located at the corner of Water St and Kyle Ave. on Rt 23. –PO Box 308.

WELLS POINT, TX 75169 – … we both enjoy the puzzles and Paul enjoys the other articles but the last 2 issues I’ve missed the woman’s page & recipe. What happened? –Dorothy Wagner, 102 Melody Lane. (We apologize for this and hope, with this issue, to get back on schedule with our regular features. Thank you very much for reading and writing! -Editor)

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