God's Stimulus Package

Gene H. Miller

 The Stimulus Package. They tell us our country is in need of a real jolt to get us out of the present financial crisis. They have decided to spend $800 billion (that we do not have) in an effort to create jobs and encourage spending, and, thus, “jump start” the economy. The taxpayer (who is footing the bill) has little control over this program. Our great grandchildren will be talking about the great depression of 2008 and the financial burden we laid on their shoulders.

 The Wrong People. It seems to me that to stimulate the economy, it would be better to give that money to the little person. He needs it to make his house and car payments, to put food on his table, and clothes on his kid’s back. What are the big people going to do with it? They do not need it. So far, we have seen big bonuses to their top CEO’s and expensive tropical 


 A Period Of Prosperity. We are concerned about another depression in this country. In the decade following World War II, the church of Christ was the fastest growing religious group in America. Missionaries were being sent overseas, the plain simple gospel of Christ was being preached in pulpits around the world, and the church was growing.

 Another Depression. However, in the half-century since, Christianity has been on the decline in America. More and more people are yielding to the influence of the godless religion of Humanism. When it comes to belief in God and the Bible, we have reached an all time low, and the nation is still on that downward slide. However, our nation’s leaders show little concern about this “Great Depression.” In fact, they keep enacting laws that contribute to this moral decline. 

 Another Stimulus Package. What we need is another kind of “Stimulus Package,” and God has provided one. He has designed it in such a way that you and I have control over it. The “package” is in place, and you and I have been given the freedom to use or not to use it.

 Tax Free. This program is tax-free. It will not take one red cent out of our pockets. It will not burden our children and grandchildren with a huge debt. A certain charitable philanthropist has already paid the entire cost of this “package.” You and I have been given the privilege to enjoy its benefits … any time … any place.

 Best Understood. The great commandment in the law is to Love God, and the second is to Love our Fellow Man (Matthew 22:37-40). This “Stimulus Package” can best be explained and understood by the words of a hymn that we sing, “When My Love to Christ Grows Weak.” Notice these words written by John R. Wreford. 

 Love For God. The first two verses “stimulate” my love for God and Christ: “When my love to Christ grows weak, When for deeper faith I seek, Then in tho’t I go to Thee, Garden of Gethsemane! There I walk amid the shades, While the ling’ring twilight fades, See that suff’ring, friendless One, Weeping, praying there alone.”

 Love For Man. Verses two and three stimulate my love for my fellow man: “When my love for man grows weak, When for stronger faith I seek, Hill of Calvary! I go To thy scenes of fear and woe. There behold His agony, Suffered on the bitter tree; See his anguish, see His faith Love triumphant still in death.”

 Turn To Life. Once my love for God and my love for man have been stimulated, I can face life with joy and confidence. “Then to life I turn again, Learning all the worth of pain; Learning all the might that lies In a full self-sacrifice.” 

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