Dear Church Family

Ileen and Ed Lemley

 Thank you for the kind words and concern over Ed’s eye problem. We especially want to thank you for your prayers asking God for the recovery of his sight. We all know God answers our prayers, but it is according to His time. We have been to several specialists in this area and we just returned from the Wilmer Eye Institute, a branch of Johns Hopkins, and they all say “if” he ever receives any part of his sight back it will take an unknown amount of time. The damage was done within a few minutes of his sight fading out back in June.

 Please remember us in your thoughts and prayers. As Ed has said, “I am in a completely different world now, but it is not all bad.” We love you all. –Ed and Ileen Lemley, 810 46th Pl, Vienna, WV 26105-3124.

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