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Albert E. Farley

BUCYRUS, OH 44820 – The Lincoln Ave. church of Christ will celebrate their 50th Anniversary May 16-18 and they invite everyone to attend. Their speakers will be: Bob Lowhorn on Sunday morning and evening, Ron Reeves on Monday evening, and John Tucker on Tuesday evening. Sunday services will begin at 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM. Monday and Tuesday services begin at 6:30 PM. If you plan to attend the lunch, please RSVP to Mel Smith at (419) 562 7924 or at 138 Bland Ave.

EAST POINT, GA 30344 – Enclosed are … money orders. I hope that all is going well with you and your family. Thanks again for all you do. You are an encouragement to me. –Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

BELINGTON, WV 26250 – The church in Valley Bend, WV and here at Belington began weekly worship services at the Huttonsville Correctional Center, Huttonsville, WV, on Sunday, March 7. There are inmates who are already members of the Lord’s church, along with hundreds of potential contacts for the gospel. If anyone knows of individual contacts at the Huttonsville facility, please let me know, either by phone (304) 823 1450 or by email: - Mike Phillips, PO Box 176.

SMITHFIELD, WV 26301 – We, at Pricetown, are holding steady. We have the usual winter problems but when the weather has been good, our attendance has been steady between the mid twenties and mid thirties. Our mid-week Bible Study has also picked up. We have been having between 12 and 19. Our spring meeting will be May 17-23 with Earl P. Stevens. Our VBS will be July 12-16. Earl Stevens will teach the adult class. Our fall meeting will be October 18-24 with Dick Bartrug. –Leroy Burdine, PO Box 59.

MARTINSBURG, WV 25403-1212 – The Central church of Christ will be enjoying a Ladies Day on April 10th. Evelyn Apple will be speaking on the theme, “Packing for the Journey of a Lifetime – Check Your Bags!” Following a time for registration and light refreshments, our program will begin at 9:30 AM. Evelyn will also be staying with us for Sunday and teaching our Ladies Bible Class. For more information, contact Anne Bowers, (304) 725 0567, or Melba Deitrick (304) 274 2738. 

MT. VERNON, VA - I will be holding the Spring Revival at the Mt. Vernon church of Christ, Mt. Vernon, VA, May 23-26. The topic will be “Them Dry Bones, Hear the Word of the Lord.” Ezekiel 37:1-14. If you are in the DC area, come by and join us. Rod Ross.

FAIRVIEW, WV 26570 – The Pumpkin Center church of Christ will host their Ladies Inspiration Day, Saturday, April 17. Registration begins at 9:00. Megan Jones and Amantha Cole will be speaking on the topic of “Running on Empty.” They will hold their gospel meeting April 25-30, with Mike Foresha. For more information, contact Mark Jones at 304 449 1168.

ALLEGANY, NY 14706 – Please use the enclosed donation to help with the publishing and for mailing your newspaper. Thank you for the good work … -Kurt M. Pfaff, 3655 Buffalo Rd.

ALMA, WV 26320 – Observe the old gardener’s wisdom and pace yourself! (“Don’t try to do it all in one day!”) It’s good to see your subscriptions going steadily up. You and your staff are doing a great job. –Chuck and Bobbie Beagle, HC Box 38.

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