Sowing The Seed

Gary P. Adkins

 A landowner and King of His kingdom had bags of seed that he wanted his twelve workers to plant in His fields. The King went away, promising to return one last day to reap His harvest. The landowner and King gave instructions to his twelve servants as to how, what, when, where, why, and for whom the seed should be planted. He even promised them they would have an Advisor to help carry out their mission.

 As long as they followed the King’s and the Advisor’s instructions and guidance, the seed that they would sow would bring forth one type of plant. This they did, and the type of seed they planted produced the one type of plant.

 Years passed, and all twelve servants and other trusting servants completed their mission with the seed they had planted. The result was a product only of the type of seed they had planted. An inspired Instruction Manual was written for those in future generations to follow and use. This seed had a name, and it was the only seed to be planted and produced.

 Now, over two thousand years have passed and many fields have been planted. The question is, “When the King returns for His harvest, will He find all the fields to be the same as He instructed?”

 Could the King have already answered this question, as found in Matthew 13:24-43? -PO Box 841, Culloden, WV 25510.

 (Editor’s note: Brother Gary Adkins is a member of the Main Street church of Christ, Hurricane, West Virginia.)

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