A Tribute To My Dad

Marvin G. Miller, son of Gale Miller, January 2010

Truly a man of the mountains

Born in the year of ten

He saw the horse and buggy go

And the Model A come in.

From Model A to touring car

The changes came all too soon

He saw a man shot into space

And land upon the moon.

From horse and buggy travel

To flights into outer space

The changes of a hundred years

Have passed before his face.

An avid thirst for knowledge

Within his heart did burn,

And throughout his five score years

He never ceased to learn ---

And to gladly share that knowledge

Was his main delight

Ready to share what he had learned

Whether morning, noon, or night.

And he broadened that knowledge with travel

He journeyed the U.S. and

Many the time he took a flight

To visit a foreign land.

Truly a man of the mountains

With talents that few understood

Whether lining a bee or grafting a tree

Or carving a chain out of wood.

There, on a country hillside farm

He grew to be a man

Working by his father’s side

He learned to till the land.

He knew how to work at the blacksmith forge

And “strike while the iron was hot”

To build a house, and split the stone

And love what God had wrought.

He loved to tell the “Good News”

To the neighbors that were lost

And he raised his little family

In the shadow of the cross.

Yes, truly a man of the mountain

Loved by everyone

And throughout my lifetime

I was proud to be his son!

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