Dear Brothers And Sisters In Christ

Charles Brady

This letter will serve as an introduction until the time we can meet personally and get to know some of you better. My name is Charles Brady, son of the late Roy and Hailey (Miller) Brady whose residence among you was Shock, WV. My companion and soul mate for the past 46 years has been Virginia (Marks) Brady, daughter of Curtis and Lucy (Holcomb) Marks of Orma, WV.

Since June of 1971, I have labored in some capacity with congregations of the Lord’s church. I am currently working with the church of Christ located at 2207 Three and Twenty Road in Easely, SC (29642). I have been there now for 10+ years and have worked at secular work to support my family while preaching. This letter is more for my brethren here than myself. When we began work here, this congregation was meeting in a trailer until it was decided we needed a permanent meeting place. A loan was secured ($100,000) and the building built by the men and ladies of the congregation. We have paid on that loan now until we owe a little more than $13,000.

I began working with them and driving 17 miles (one way) three times a week for which I was paid $200.00 a month to begin with and now receive $300.00 a month. The congregation has also given me $200.00 a month in an IRA account toward retirement.

During my time here, the congregation has received outside support to meet a budget. Sandyville, WV sent support for 2 years to help with the work. We have sent help to others as well, such as “Preaching the Gospel” (TV) by James Watkins, a work sponsored by Central church of Christ in Dalton, GA. We are also sending “House to House/Heart to Heart” papers to about 1200 homes in our local area.

What is more needed currently is a full time preacher that can give his time to visiting the sick and shut-ins and working with the members to establish an aggressive evangelistic program for seeking and teaching lost souls. With a current number of between 20 and 30 members, many of which are retired, you can see we would need outside support for anyone interested in the work. The only other alternative would be for one to come and work at a secular work as I have done while working with the congregation.

I will be retiring from my secular work in February 2011 and plan on returning to WV. Although we have looked for some time in 2009 for property with a home or to build on in an affordable price range, we are currently still looking.

Please consider our request to investigate our situation and any suggestions you may have for finding a faithful worker or some of the support we would need to provide him a decent salary. God bless your efforts in the Lord’s church and strengthen your voices in proclaiming His gospel. Third John Two. –26 Waters Ave., Greenville, SC 29605. (864) 422-8642. Website: Email:

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