After The Storm Is O’er

Eleanor Powell

How quiet, how still, You are great, God,

You brought us through another night.

The coolness rushing over us,

before we soon will see daylight.

How very much I love You

as You’re with me all around.

Through bad and good, through dark and light,

You keep me safe and sound.

While the storm is over for a while,

and dark clouds cease to roll, above,

Your warmth covers us, My God,

You’ve showered us with Your love.

I’ll surrender all to You 

for now and evermore.

I’ll give back everything I own,

for Jesus’ heaven’s shore.

And though sometimes I falter,

and my body is weak and sore.

I’ll keep my hand in His hand,

As He opens wide Heaven’s door.

As a perfect Child,

You gave Him to lead us all the way.

About the age of thirty-three,

He died on that cold and stormy day.

What did He do to hurt us,

that perfect Son, You loved so dear?

He asked for drink to quench His thirst,

but His side was stabbed with a spear.

His blood spilled out from His weakened body, 

Then He to His Father cried, 

“My Father, it is finished!”

and for us all, He died.

The dead got up and walked again,

The veil was rent in two.

All His friends forsook Him

As He died for me and you.

They took His broken, bleeding body 

and buried it in the ground,

but on that glorious morning

It was nowhere to be found.

The angels rolled 

away the stone,

Jesus had risen 

from the ground.

Jesus has prepared our home 

and mansion in the air,

When the storm of life is over,

He will take us there.

I don’t want the fire and brimstone

and thirsty forevermore.

So, I’ll hold to my Savior’s great, gentle hand

until this world’s storm is o’er.

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