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Albert E. Farley

SCOTT DEPOT, WV 25560 – … I continue preaching two sermons a month at the Glenwood church of Christ and one sermon at the Milton church of Christ. I was director of two weeks at Surprise Valley Youth Camp. It was well attended and during Senior week, three young people were baptized. This makes better than fifty years I have participated in SVYC, ever since its beginning. –George Erwin, 111 Heather Court.

WADSWORTH, OH 44281 – We have begun our work with the Wadsworth, OH church this past July. This is my first full-time work and I am very thankful to God and the brethren for this opportunity. All are eager to see the work go forward and the Word go forth. We are emailing our bulletin to any who request it. Send your email address to Come visit us!

Support Needed

Would you like to be a part of the work in Coraopolis, PA? Jeremy Main has served as a minister with the congregation for the last year. Much of his financial support is from outside of the congregation. He is currently in need of additional support as some of the agreements have expired. Please contact brother Main for more information. Jeremy Main, 1636 State Ave., Coraopolis, PA 15108. (412) 262-16ll.

SMITHFIELD, WV 26301 - … We at Pricetown continue to hold our own. We have had a couple of baptisms and restorations this year. We had a great VBS with an enrollment of 96 and nightly attendance averaged 65. Peter Ray Cole had the adult class and did a very good job. Our Fall Gospel Meeting with brother Dick Bartrug will be October 18-24, 7:00 PM. Sunday: 10:00 AM and 6:30 PM.

Two Congregations Seeking Gospel Preachers

The Weston church of Christ, Weston, WV, is currently seeking a gospel evangelist to carry on the work of the Lord. Will consider a semi-retired individual to fill the position. For more information, inquiries may be addressed to the Weston church of Christ, Attn: Jack L. Beck, 819 Camden Ave., Weston, WV 26452.

Open preaching position: Keyser church of Christ. Full or part time. For details call Glen Gilbert at 304-788-1657, Keyser church of Christ, PO Box 512, Keyser, WV 26726.

West Virginia School of Preaching Victory Lectures

The 16th Annual WVSOP Victory Lectures will be conducted October 24-28 at the Hillview Terrace church of Christ building, 4th & Willard Streets, Moundsville, WV. Their theme will be “The Acts of the Apostles.” A lectureship book and video & audio tapes will be available for purchase. Contact Denver Cooper, PO Box 785, Moundsville, WV 26041.

Ladies Inspiration Day

The Ladies of the Wilson Ridge church of Christ in Grafton will be hosting their Annual Ladies Inspiration Day on Saturday, October 16, 2010. Registration will begin at 9:30 that morning with a meal being served by the men at the close of the morning's lessons. For more information or directions, call 304-694-2354.

EAST POINT, GA 30344 - … I appreciate the work that you are doing. Thanks again. Ray Jackson, 1068 Jefferson Ave.

LOCUST GROVE, VA 22508-0757 – Please renew my subscription and my cousin’s … May God continue to bless you in your efforts to spread His Holy Word. –Harold V. Hopkins, PO Box 757.

EAST LIVERPOOL, OH 43920-2288 – We really enjoy the WV Christian. Just concluded a 4-day meeting with Steve Stevens of Hundred, WV. No immediate responses but the lessons were simply great. –Carl E. Miller, PO Box 2288.

LOUISA, KY 41230 – I had a good meeting at Shock, WV where Vernon Kerns serves as the preacher. The Fort Gay church of Christ had a successful booth at the Mountain Heritage Days festival, and another at the Septemberfest in Louisa. Hundreds of tracts and DVD’s were passed out. Sixty-three signed up for Bible courses. We plan another at the Crum Fall Festival October 2. We had 4 baptisms in September. Our Gospel meeting will be Oct 10-14 with Warren Kenney preaching. We will begin our Winter Series Bible Study November 4, each Thursday for 2 hours, through April 2011. Theme: “Learning More about the Person and the Work of the Holy Spirit.” We continue sending out The Mountain Messenger every 2 months, over 14,500 with each mailing. Many who came to our booths said they are getting it and appreciate it. I have a half-hour radio program over WFGH-FM Sunday afternoons and a weekly newspaper article in the Wayne County News on Fridays. –James E. Farley, 1179 Mark Wayne Dr.

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